How to increase the limit on Banco Inter's credit card

Charlie Taylor

Having already had a dirty name in Serasa is something common for Brazilians, and even after paying debts, getting credit can become almost impossible. However, there is a simple solution adopted by Banco Inter that solves this problem, it is the CDB + Credit Limit.
The interesting thing is that there is no risk involved and the idea is simple. Lock exactly the amount you want to limit the card on a fixed income investment product. For Inter, it doesn't matter if you have a dirty name or not, your used limit is guaranteed by the money invested. If you are in default for more than 5 days, the amount is used to write off the outstanding balance.
But then what is the advantage for the user?
While it may seem that this option is only beneficial to the bank, think that the defaulter can enjoy goods and services only by paying at the end of the month while his money is stopped yielding more than savings. In addition, there is the benefit of cashback on the invoice for those who leave automatic debit activated.Coinext 760x150

Investments like this are nothing more than an opportunity for those who cannot otherwise get credit or raise the limit without having to wait for bank approval.
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How to increase your credit card limit

In a quick step by step, just go to the investment area of ​​the Inter app and click on “Fixed Income”. There, the first option will be the “CDB PLUS LIMIT OF CREDIT”, select exactly how much you need a limit on the card and invest.
After that, the limit can be adjusted in the “Cards” tab by clicking on “Limits” and adjusting the bar until the end. For those who did not have any limit with the bank, the ideal is to enter "See credit options", "Investing" and "Invest" to choose the amount you want to convert into a credit limit.

Don't invest before you know it

First, it is important to know that the minimum investment is R $ 100. In addition, there is no possibility to leave less than the minimum investment in the CDB, that is, there is no way to invest 100 and withdraw 50, if you are not going to leave at least R $ 100 needs to take everything.
Despite daily liquidity, it is also not possible to withdraw an amount that you are already using as a limit. So if, for example, you invest R $ 2,000 in CDB Mais Limite and spend R $ 1,500 on your credit card, only R $ 500 is available for withdrawing your fixed income investment until you pay your card bill.
To achieve 100% of the possible income, you must leave the application until the expiration of 3 years. Withdrawing before, there is the possibility of paying IOF, but you will never withdraw less than you invested.
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