How to get a monthly income of R $ 5,000 cooking at home?

Charlie Taylor

Your Cooking Business (@SeuNegocioDeCozinha), a new project by Chef Zenir Dalla Costa and Chef Marcelo Ozi, teaches how it is possible to earn an extra monthly income that exceeds R$5,000 cooking at home. As well as, what are the correct purchase and production steps. The professionals created a page that promises to show the public how to create their own business in the home kitchen, prepare productions, sell and distribute through applications such as iFood, Rappi and Uber Eats.Zenir Dalla is a professor and coordinator of the Gastronomy courses at SENAC Santo Amaro and author of the book “Cooking with Economy”.“In this moment of pandemic, when many people need extra money or have some source of income, our goal is show ways to work at home in an organized way with a good profit”, he said about the project. “We will share our experience about the market, delivery applications, shopping, food production, planning and general tips for those who want to get started. We want to form a community and we will always be online, answering questions, sharing our day-to-day productions, interacting and ready to help”, he added. Marcelo Ozi is a renowned Chef and has already worked in restaurants in Colonia Del Sacramento (Uruguay) , Madrid (Spain), Brighton (England) and Dusseldorf (Germany).“The main advantage for the public is to learn to relate and profit from the delivery format, which is taking on increasing proportions due to the long period of pandemic” , commented the Chef.For those who are interested, it is possible to follow the chefs' contents directly through Instagram, in the @SeuNegocioDeCozinha account.

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