How to ensure the privacy of your bitcoins with UniJoin

Charlie Taylor

Understand how to “blend” your bitcoins to maintain anonymity in your transactions with the UniJoin engine. Every bitcoin transaction uses aliases of letters and numbers which, because they are immutable on the blockchain, we believe to preserve our data privately. However, precisely because they do not change and are public, they become a potential risk when identified. Many users have their address (and balance) known not only by brokers and other people, but also by blockchain analytics companies that share data with other institutions and even governments. Without best privacy practices, cryptocurrencies can look like bank accounts that are completely transparent to the public, which brings immense risks to users. However, through collaborative transactions (also known as CoinJoin), it is possible to regain your privacy in both Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. And UniJoin is a service that makes this possible in an easy way.Passfolio

Analyzing CoinJoin Technology

The unique feature used in CoinJoin technology brings together different people into a single pool, where together they generate a single transaction by depositing coins as inputs. Finally, outputs are generated for these same people in a single transaction, guaranteeing a high degree of anonymity for the participants of this pool. In practice, this mixing of currencies undoes the connection between your identity and your bitcoins. Mixing currencies does not always need to be used to receive in your own wallet, but also to send cryptos to an acquaintance or to pay for any product or service privately, for example. To use UniJoin’s mixing service, simply enter; add the address(es) that should receive the bitcoins at the end of the coin mix; opt for distribution (if you have entered more than one address) and the time you are willing to wait to receive the final balance. Then just click on “Continue” and send the coins still traceable to the address provided to wait to receive the untraceable coins. Here it is worth remembering that the mixing service requires a trusted third party, so there is a risk of custody in the operation. And trust is not something you build overnight, so it’s good to keep an eye out for reviews posted on TrustPilot by users who have used UniJoin. Currently the service is only available for use with Bitcoin, but UniJoin developers are in the process of implementing mixers for Ethereum, Litecoin and Tether.

How to benefit from UniJoin?

Several advantages are available to users who opt for UniJoin’s services: blockchain analytics are prevented – by breaking all links between their finances and activities; there is no system of accounts; there is no logging policy as logs are deleted 24 hours after mixing is completed; plus a fully dedicated development team. We also need to mention the Reward Program! For each new UniJoin user referred, you earn lifetime commissions on top of any future trades by them. These rates will be generated randomly between 5 and 10%, following the aforementioned security standard. It is worth remembering that every operation in the UniJoin mixer has a fee that varies between 1 to 3%, fees generated with four-digit numbers, which makes blockchain analysis potentially difficult. With privacy in mind, the mining fee is paid by the user, only deducted from the total amount of the pool.

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