How To Buy And Sell Shares Online?

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Investing in shares enables one to achieve financial independence by leveraging the potential of growing companies. Even after all the long term benefits it provides, it could still be way too intimidating for newbies who are just starting out in the share market. 


So, how do you buy shares? You have a number of alternatives, and it is actually very simple. You can actually buy stocks or stocks ETFs through an online brokerage account. If you’re not comfortable with it, a professional or a robo adviser like Bitcoin Era can usually handle your account for a reasonable charge. In any scenario, you may start online stock investing with little money.


The following information will assist you in entering the stock market and making stock investments, even if you are new to investing.

How To Purchase Shares Online?

Online via a “share dealing platform,” buying shares is the fastest and most affordable option.. You just have to get your account registered on a reliable marketplace and then do a quick research about the shares you’re interested in buying and then finally decide how many shares you want to buy.  Whichever option you choose, you must have enough funds in your dealing account to pay for the purchase as well as any dealing fees. 


However, prices are subject to change at any time, sometimes even after you make your order and before you receive a confirmation. A strong demand will increase the price of the share while a low demand will decrease it. You can use the Bitcoin Era to keep a track of price fluctuations in the market. 

What fees am I required to pay?

When you are selling, buying or holding shares it is crucial to know what charges you have to pay for. Some of the most common charges are: 


  • Platform cost: You may be paid a flat fee or a percentage of your investments as a monthly, quarterly, or yearly account fee. However, in some circumstances, this is waived if you execute a particular amount of transactions or have a certain size account.
  • Trading fees: The cost associated with buying and selling shares. For regular buyers, discounts are frequently available.
  • Some platforms impose a transfer out or exit fee if you want to move your assets to a different provider, often per firm you own, or occasionally even merely to end your account.
  • UK share purchases will incur a 0.5 percent stamp duty fee, with an additional £1 for transactions over $10,000.

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How to Sell shares

It’s just as simple to sell shares as it is to purchase them. The websites for each platform will function a little bit differently, but the idea is the same for all of them.


You have two options when selling: quantity (for instance, sell 500 shares or all shares) or value (sell shares worth £500). After placing the order, you will be given a quoted price for the selling of the shares, albeit this price may change between the time you receive the quotation and the time the sell order is executed. The proceeds of the transaction will be reflected in your share account.


Well, we would already be billionaires if we had known this! Attempting to “time the market”—buying shares when they are at their lowest and selling them when they are at their highest—typically doesn’t pay off. It is challenging to execute and frequently fails.


Instead, look at the share you’re considering selling objectively and ask, “Do I think this firm will continue to grow?” Do I believe it will keep paying off? Or would it be better for me to sell it now for what it is worth and use the proceeds to invest in another firm (or companies) that I believe will perform better. You might find this question and our response to be helpful in your thoughts.

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