How online betting with cryptocurrencies works


Online betting is one of the most used mechanisms today, mainly because of the convenience it offers to players. Another of the attractions that draws attention is the variety of payment methods, which include cryptocurrencies. Today we will show you how online betting with cryptocurrencies works in Argentina, in addition to talking about Argentine bookmakers that accept Bitcoin.

How cryptocurrency payments are made for bets

The betting system is very sophisticated, what at first glance could be complex is easier than you thought, being what happens with bets and cryptocurrencies.

A few years ago this was unimaginable, especially since few people had access to this type of asset. But As technology advances and bookmakers adapt, so do payment methodsthat’s why it’s already possible.

It is important that you know how online betting with cryptocurrencies works in Argentina, so that your chances are greater and nothing prevents you from starting your strategies.

Let’s say that before talking about the way of betting with cryptocurrencies itself, since today we will focus on Bitcoin, the first thing you have to do is have this type of crypto or it will be impossible for you to bet.

Therefore, you have to buy these types of virtual currencies and have an account with them in order to use them. When you have done this you can start betting.

Then to pay, you already have to have selected one of the betting platforms and register to start playing. Because only when you are logged in:

1. Select the payment method and choose the cryptocurrency.

2. Choose the deposit amountwhich can be in two ways:

I know gets an address that from the digital wallet will be used to send cryptos. is used a QR code that is scanned from the exchange platform where cryptocurrencies are traded.

3. Finally you only have confirm the operation.

Where can you make sports bets with cryptocurrencies?

Later we will see the online betting houses that accept Bitcoin in Argentina, but it is key that you know if it accepts them looking for the payment method sectionwhich you can find in the information part of the website.

You can also find out if your betting platform accepts them in the FAQ area.

Do not be scared if you find that in some houses they only accept Bitcoin, this happens because it is the currency with the longest life and the most popular. But you may also find that other betting platforms accept quite a few types.

Why bets with cryptocurrencies are chosen

Surely you are wondering why people decide to bet with this type of digital currency.

The first reason is because these are increasingly accepted in different types of markets, for the same reason that can already be found in sports betting. Being another of the reasons, which is a Flexible, fast payment type with fewer commissions than other payments.

You also have to consider that cryptocurrencies provide privacy superior to other means of payment.

Online bookmakers that accept Bitcoin in Argentina

Now that you know how online betting with cryptocurrencies works, let’s see which are the bookmakers that accept this payment method.


Not only can you bet with cryptocurrencies, it also offers you an exclusive welcome bonus, countless sports and betting markets and cashout option.

With a worldwide presence, it specializes in sports betting and casino games. being thanks to his simple design that so many Argentine players place their trust and their money.


If what you are looking for is to have a variety of betting options, you will find it here, because it is not only about cryptos, but also the welcome bonus, cashback and having trajectory and presence in the European, American and Asian markets.

And if you are a fan of eSports, you will find them here, in addition to the online casino. Do not miss the opportunity to try your luck with this bookmaker.


If you have cryptocurrencies, do not miss the opportunity to bet at 22Bet, because you will also have the possibility of having other deposit methods, an extensive eSports offer, more than 1000 sporting events, great promotions and fast payments.

Accede to interesting Betting odds on both national and international leagues in a completely legal bookmaker.

Advantages of using Bitcoin for gambling

If this type of payment is being used, it is because it brings with it advantages, which you yourself can experience if you decide to pay with your Bitcoin:

PrivacyThis is because you will have a higher level of anonymity, since cryptocurrencies are decentralized, so transactions are more difficult to track.

Security: By itself a bookmaker takes security measures through SSL encryption, but cryptocurrencies offer even greater security due to blockchain technology.

Speed: Transactions with this type of currency are much faster.

No location restriction: Using cryptocurrencies prevents you from getting into trouble, because gambling is still considered illegal in some countries.

You save money: Bitcoin transactions are usually cheaper.

You receive profits in cryptocurrencies.

Disadvantages of using Bitcoin for gambling

Not all that glitters is gold, so within how online betting with cryptocurrencies works, you have to be clear that there are disadvantages:

Less government oversight: so if problems arise you may not get solutions.

Volatility: This type of currency is constantly fluctuating, so the changes can be positive or negative.

lack of familiarity: because it is a coin with little use.

You already know how online betting with cryptocurrencies works in Argentina, what are you waiting for to start winning?

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