How can DeFi change your life?

Charlie Taylor

When we think about DeFiwe are talking about decentralized finance and the democratization of access to money by more people, something that does not happen in the traditional market. Flávia Jabur talks to Michela Galvão, DeFi specialist, Youtuber and creator of the “Diversas Cryptos” project, which aims to bring more diversity to the cryptocurrency market, about how DeFi can change your life!

How does DeFi stand out from the traditional market?

Michela begins by saying that it is very commented on in the crypto market about how it is formed by communitieshow people help each other, but punctuates the importance of creating a more accessible community in the crypto market so that more and more people have the power to access and know crypto assets easily. Through her life story, Michela shows that the traditional market, in the model in which it works and worked at the time she had this perception, is doomed to collapse.

“How could so much money circulate among so few people and so many people with so little to live on”, says Michela. And she also points out that not just any government will solve this situation of social inequality.

It is important to understand that the money is essential so that people can have access to various opportunities and services and, with financial institutions and governments that are not interested in everyone having the same opportunities, it is difficult to undertake.

And it is in this context that DeFi stands out in the face of the traditional financial market. “This will change the game of humanity”, says Michela. She says that when she heard about decentralized finance at an event in 2019, she saw the possibilities of Smart Contracts, from to be able to do business without the need for intermediariessuch as banks and registry offices full of bureaucraciesplus DeFi makes everything more democratic and accessible to the people.

What barriers exist for DeFi to take off?

Still exist barriers that prevent people to adopt DeFisuch as lack of sense of a stronger community, since the crypto market is still new and not everyone is aware of and studying its movements. Is important spread the knowledge so that more and more people get to know DeFi and understand that the traditional financial market is far behind with respect to the crypto market and it is fundamental follow this movement, creating a stronger and more united community. In addition, it is essential to stop fighting technology and novelties and embrace the future, as evolution will be constant. Of course, sometimes, unconsciously, there is a fear of what is new and everyone has their time to embrace technology, but at one time or another it will be necessary to understand about the changes that happen in the market.

It’s time to head into the crypto universe and have the freedom to own your own money, leaving old concepts behind and being part of the revolution!

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