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Sustainability throughout the chain for a better world

Published: 20 September 2022, 12:13 Updated: 10 November 2022, 09:51– HPE is constantly working to reduce the overall climate footprint of the business; within the framework of the sustainability program HPE Living Progress, we work with various initiatives that extend all the way from the production chain, through the life of the equipment, to recycling. The quote is from Jostein Birkeland who works as a Sustainability Consulting Technologist at HPE. Jostein grew up in the ski resort of Lillehammer 20 miles north of Oslo and during his upbringing he spent a lot of time in nature. He became aware early on of the climate crisis as humanity’s biggest challenge and trained as an engineer with the goal of working with sustainability and energy issues. After three years as a solution architect at HPE, the opportunity opened for him to step into a role where he educates and represents HPE as a speaker on the topic of sustainability, as well as working with customers to optimize the energy efficiency of their operating environments.- After my years as a solution architect have I have a good understanding of how technology works and what affects energy consumption. It feels meaningful to work on things that promote positive development for the planet and to do so at a company like HPE, which takes sustainability seriously and works on the issue in a concrete way.Sustainability strategy as a value creator Too many organizations anticipate future growth when making IT investments, which leads them to oversize and end up with equipment that sits and consumes electricity unnecessarily. By switching from physical equipment in one’s own data hall, to buying the capacity as a service, there are often large efficiencies to be gained. – The template says that the utilization rate in a virtualized environment that the customer operates on their own is approximately 30 percent. When HPE operates the equipment, the goal is a utilization rate of 60 percent or more, says Jostein. With infrastructure as a service, it is also easier to switch to new and more energy-efficient equipment. Unlike consumer electronics, where the rule of thumb is that it is more climate-smart to keep the same device for a longer period of time, you can reduce the total emissions generated via the data center by switching to new and more energy-efficient equipment. It is estimated that it is sustainable to change equipment with a frequency of around 4-5 years for servers and 5-7 years for storage. – Our customers who buy capacity as a service can be assured that we constantly strive to produce as clean and efficient as possible. They can focus on day-to-day operations and their business goals, and get the sustainability mindset in return. Black and white about the data center’s energy consumptionTo contribute to reduced emissions, more people also need to do more, and to promote the sustainable transition throughout the ecosystem, HPE challenges its subcontractors to think about how technology can make less of an impact on the environment. One example is AMD, which has changed the design and manufacturing method for its CPUs, something that has had a positive effect on the environment both when it comes to production and use. In fact, the seven most energy-efficient servers from HPE on the Energy Star ranking currently have built-in AMD technology. Letting fewer servers do the work in the data center is important because the biggest footprint on the climate from the equipment is when it is in use. It is also important to have control over the use in order to have the opportunity to make a difference. That’s why HPE offers a free service that helps customers identify products that generate high emissions based on manufacturing, use phase and end-of-life. Using software developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the total emissions of the hardware are analyzed and the equipment that draws the most electricity is located and can be replaced with more energy-efficient alternatives. – As a company, we have made an active choice to lead the way in the green transition and when we help our customers, we reduce our indirect emissions. For us, it goes without saying that everyone who chooses HPE should see us as part of their own sustainability work, says Jostein.It is important to act todayMost indications are that we are currently on the threshold of a new era that will be characterized by a greater focus on sustainability, and the climate footprint will become an increasingly weighty factor in an IT investment. The message in the report that the UN climate panel IPCC released in April 2022 is clear – the room for action to reach the goal of 1.5 degrees of warming is now. The organizations that do not already have a plan for measurement and reduction today will not be able to answer the questions that their customers will ask in a couple of years. So for those who have not already started, it is high time to measure their climate footprint and actively work to reduce their emissions. – Sustainability is the most important issue of our time and therefore we all need to do what we can. We at HPE contribute partly by reducing our own climate footprint, partly by helping our customers change to a more sustainable IT infrastructure, regardless of whether it is about optimizing energy, analyzing the infrastructure or helping our customers take the step to consume IT as service.About HPE Living ProgressHPE Living Progress is HPE’s sustainability and social responsibility program that aims to use the power of the company to contribute to positive development for the planet and the communities in which we operate. Read about our work for a more sustainable IT, download the infographic about the latest report. or find out more information and download the full report here Curious about the facts about AMD’s energy-efficient infrastructure? Download the infographic! The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with HPE and not an article by Dagens industri

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