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They enable personal communication with millions of customers

Published: 9 May 2023, 10:00 Updated: 16 May 2023, 09:00More and more businesses want to digitize the customer dialogue at the same time as, for environmental and cost reasons, they want to reduce the amount of paper documents. With its cloud-based platform, Metaforce offers effective communication solutions that suit their customers’ unique needs and requirements. Today’s customer wants to be communicated with, in a personal and relevant way, in the channels they choose. Good customer communication creates a strong and sustainable customer relationship, which is a major competitive advantage.Data-driven customer dialogue Most businesses have different business systems that all have their own solutions for creating different types of documents and forms. This means that the employees have to work in different systems or use a multitude of Word templates. It takes time, increases the risk of errors and makes it difficult to get a uniform picture of the communication with the individual customer. – With our solution, all templates and rules are created and managed in a uniform manner centrally and other systems only need to send data to our platform which takes care of all production, distribution, signing and archiving of documents, forms and online dialogues. With our solution, companies save a lot of time for their employees and also make it easier for the IT department, which no longer needs to help with changes in templates and regulations, explains Johan Junge, CEO of Metaforce.“Online dialogues are revolutionizing customer communication” Secure online dialogues mean that the document-based communication leaves the paper and becomes completely digital and interactive. With online dialogues, companies can quickly and easily digitize their business-critical processes, which are usually paper-based. – We believe that effective online dialogues will revolutionize customer communication. Not only because it’s a better experience on mobile than with PDF files, but also because it reduces paper consumption and thus the climate footprint, says Johan Junge.Good customer communication available to everyoneWith millions of customers, large product portfolios and changing regulatory requirements, it is business critical to be able to quickly adapt thousands of different customer documents and messages. – We can thank our customers among insurance companies, banks, authorities and member organizations for the fact that we have been able to develop this technology. They make high demands on us as a supplier – demands that we transform into innovative solutions in our platform. The ambition is that both large and small businesses should be able to create good customer communication and therefore our platform is delivered as a cloud service, explains Johan Junge. About Metaforce:Metaforce helps businesses with many customers to digitize and automate their written communication. The core of the offer is a modular cloud platform that suits both large and small businesses and that contributes to a better customer experience, savings and reduced environmental impact. Read more about Metaforce here! The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Metaforce and not an article by Dagens industri

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