High profile when the Entrepreneur of the Year award was handed out


The sun shone over business heavyweights when the Albert Bonnier prize was awarded at Nedre Manilla on Djurgården on Tuesday. The prize is awarded annually to one or more people who have developed successful companies and made major contributions to the country’s entrepreneurship. This year, the longtime Polarbröds CEO Karin Bodin won, for her courage to lead the company after the fire that shook the company three years ago, and for the company’s sustainability work. repositioned the entire business,” said Nisse Bonnier when he handed out the diploma and statuette.Hans-Jacob “Nisse” Bonnier presents the award to Karin Bodin, CEO of Polarbrödsgruppen, this year’s award winner. Photo: Jesper FriskAnd Karin Bodins commitment to sustainability issues was also shown in practice. Earlier that morning, she and her family had arrived by night train from northern Sweden. When she elaborated on why sustainability issues are so important, she drew a parallel to the war in Ukraine. “It’s just an example of instability. In order for us to find stability, we must see hope for the transition, work with it and for it. That is the mission of every entrepreneur.” Several of previous years’ award winners were also seen among the participants. Apotea’s CEO Pär Svärdsson, Di Luca Group’s CEO Christian Di Luca and Mellby Gård’s chairman Rune Anderssson heard some of the well-known faces, who navigated between discussions on everything from regulatory hassles to security issues.Hans-Jacob Hans-Jacob “Nisse” Bonnier, Apotea CEO Pär Svärdsson (middle), Johan Andersson, CEO Mellby Gård (right) Photo: Jesper FriskJenny Lindén Urnes, chairman Lindéngruppen Mariana Burenstam Linder, CEO Proactive Medicine.Jenny Lindén Urnes, chairman Lindéngruppen Mariana Burenstam Linder, CEO Proactive Medicine. Photo: Jesper FriskThe last few years have offered many night-black headlines, which in addition to being tragedies in themselves also created concern for the country’s entrepreneurs. With the pandemic came shutdowns and supply problems, while the full-scale invasion of Ukraine caused prices to skyrocket, not least for energy. But when participants were asked about the biggest challenges facing entrepreneurs, it became perhaps clearer than ever what sets an entrepreneur apart, and what unites those who succeed. It was most clearly portrayed by Ayad Al-Saffar, founder of Klockgrossisten and relatively new owner Åhléns. “Honestly, I don’t have any challenges, I just think it’s great fun,” he stated.This is how the profiles answered the question What is the biggest challenge facing entrepreneurs right now?Thomas Karlsson, owner Gekås UllaredThomas Karlsson, owner Gekås Ullared Photo: Jesper FriskThomas Karlsson, owner Gekås Ullared:
“The challenge is the pressure on prices. The war in Ukraine has affected more than you might think. Large oil producers influence the price of many products, packaging and such. We’re seeing prices starting to look better now, so we’re positive about that.”Rune Andersson, chairman and founder of Mellby GårdRune Andersson, chairman and founder of Mellby Gård Photo: Jesper FriskRune Andersson, chairman Mellby Gård:
“These are all the rules, for example if you are going to build something. It took me six months just to get a waiver from the beach protection to build a house where there was already a house. Otherwise, I think that Sweden has better rules than many other countries, we have a sensible tax system and so on. Sweden is a good entrepreneurial country.”Karin Bodin, principal owner and Group CEO PolarbrödKarin Bodin, principal owner and group CEO Polarbröd Photo: Jesper FriskKarin Bodin, principal owner and Group CEO Polarbröd:
“I would say that it is the loads on the planet that have consequences in the form of species loss and climate change that completely turn upside down the conditions for life as we know it, which means many challenges but also opportunities for entrepreneurs.”Mariana Burenstam Linder, CEO of Proactive MedicineMariana Burenstam Linder, CEO Proactive Medicine Photo: Jesper FriskMariana Burenstam Linder, CEO of Proactive Medicine:
“To be long-term. To be able to work for what you stand for in challenging times that can cause you to take short-term considerations, which may be necessary. I believe in always having the long-term vision of where you are going, because then you become sufficiently motivated to continue. “Ayad Al-Saffar founder of Klockgrossisten and owner Åhléns.Ayad Al-Saffar founder of Klockgrossisten and owner Åhléns. Photo: Jesper FriskAyad Al-Saffar, founder of Klockgrossisten and owner Åhléns:
“Being a chameleon, that you constantly have to adapt to different situations. That’s what makes an entrepreneur an entrepreneur. It’s not just in good times, it’s now when they come out and show their true colors.”Pär Svärdsson, CEO and founder of ApoteaPär Svärdsson, CEO and founder Apotea Photo: Jesper FriskPär Svärdsson, CEO and founder of Apotea:
“What society faces as a challenge is also faced by entrepreneurs, because we are part of society. The troubled global situation is of course a challenge, but in the longer perspective it is absolutely sustainable. The countries will not row it together, but I think that entrepreneurs and companies and the population need to take care of it themselves. It is a challenge both technically, to come up with new solutions, but also to get it together. I think it can be solved with joint efforts and smart, talented people.”

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