Head of Administration: Here is my dream portfolio

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Here is Ilija Batljan’s Dream Portfolio

A telecommunications company, a gaming company, a steel company, a defense group and a cloud service company. Here is SBB’s CEO Ilija Batljan’s Dream Portfolio. “This company can both raise prices and at the same time become more sustainable.” The Dream Portfolio starts on Monday – the competition where you can win SEK 100,000.Updated: 4 April 2022, 11:54Published: 4 April 2022, 11:51Of about 10,000 registered Dream portfolios are included in the construction company SBB in 1000 of them. When the company’s CEO Ilija Batljan visited Börsmorgon on Monday to answer questions about the announced downgrade of last year’s profit, as a result of the blank Viceroy’s review, he was also asked what his dream portfolio looked like. “I would stand up for Ericsson, it is Swedish technology. If there are any criminal acts that have been committed, they may be punished. But they are a fantastically good company “, says Ilija Batljan about the rumored telecom giant who recovered a lot after the giant race in mid-February when the suspicions about the company’s bribery with the terrorist organization IS in Iraq were revealed. In the last month, Ericsson is up about 15 percent. The other company Ilija Batljan picks for its Dream Portfolio is the gaming company Embracer, which so far has had a gloomy year on the Stockholm Stock Exchange and is down about 18 percent. “I like the ambition to add new jobs to Sweden.” The steel company SSAB, which on the contrary had a brilliant start to the stock market year, takes its place in the portfolio.“It is a company which has potential. They can both take advantage of their opportunities to raise prices and at the same time become more sustainable. There are good conditions for development here, ”he says. SSAB is not just a favorite of SBB’s CEO. The company also tops the list of the Dream Portfolio’s favorite company, that is, the company that most people have bought. ”Then I would take a hero share like this to stand up for the defense industry, Saab. Saab may have already taken most of the profits, so it will be a downgrade of the portfolio. But I think it’s important these days to make that mark. ”Finally, Ilija Batljan picks the cloud communications company Sinch into the portfolio. A company that, after a few successful years on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, has now seen its value fall somewhat in 2022. So far, the share is down about 40 percent.“It simply came to our notice then Swedish company that managed to take a market, which at least I who previously invested in telecom thought was dead five, six years ago. I thought that sms, that was run down. But they have been able to show that smart people can create an incredible market for a technology that was on the verge of extinction. ”

Ilija Batljan’s Dream Portfolio


The dream portfolio – that’s how you do it

Until April 22, it is possible to register and create your dream portfolio at di.se/dromportfoljenThe competition starts on April 4 and ends on June 10. The one who has the highest percentage return in their portfolio on June 10 wins SEK 100,000. you invest in the majority of the companies on the Stockholm Stock Exchange and also a number of companies on First North. You get SEK 1 million in a fictitious cash to dispose of and changes to your portfolio can be made around the clock. You can invest a maximum of 25 percent and at least 5 percent of your cash in one and the same company. However, you must have at least five companies in your portfolio.
You can have a maximum of 25 percent of your cash in cash. The price you receive when you buy a company is set at the stock exchange opening the day after the purchase is completed – the same applies to sales. You also see your changes in the portfolio only the day after Alexandra Ramnewall

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