Hacker locks chastity belt and demands bitcoin as ransom

Charlie Taylor

Hacker locks chastity belt and requires bitcoin as a ransom.
Created by the Chinese company Qiui, Cellmate sells for US $ 159.99 and is equivalent to a modern chastity belt with an internet connection, bluetooth and is still waterproof.
“The QIUI remote chastity app is devilishly simple to use. Just pair the device with your phone and pass the control on to anyone else who has installed it. When they decide that you deserve to be released, all it takes is a touch of a button! ”
What would happen if a hacker had control of the belt? That is what happened.Coinext 760x150

“Your dick is now mine”, send bitcoins

A security breach allowed hackers to have full control over Cellmate users' penises.
"Your dick is mine now", the hacker told one of the victims, according to a screenshot of the conversation obtained by a security researcher who goes by the name of Smelly and is the founder of vx-underground, a website that collects malware samples.
According to Vice, a victim who wanted to be identified only as Robert claimed to have received the message from the hacker asking for the payment of 0.02 bitcoin or approximately 4 thousand reais in today's quote. The belt was closed and it was not possible to access it without using cutting tools.
"Fortunately, I didn't have it blocked while it was happening," said Robert in an online chat.

New API puts users at ease

The problem would have been identified in July 2020, when researchers found vulnerabilities in Qiui's communication API, it allowed hackers to access location data, voice recordings, remote control of any of the chastity belts on the planet.
The API has been fixed, but the old API has gone live for users with the old version of the app.
“Almost all companies and products will have some kind of vulnerability in their lives. Maybe not as bad as this one, but something, ”said Alex Lomas, security researcher at Pentest Partners

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