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This is how collaboration and innovation will solve the climate challenge

Published: 9 June 2022, 10:57 Updated: 16 June 2022, 13:38 Just over 98 percent of the electricity produced in Sweden is fossil-free. But in step with climate change, our energy needs are also increasing sharply. This means a great challenge – but also an opportunity to think new and innovatively. Technology can change the world and drive the green transition forward. But then more collaborations and opportunities to discuss and exchange experiences are needed. Therefore, Huawei arranged “Green Summit 2022” in Stockholm at the beginning of June. The goal was to, in a Swedish context, create long-term opportunities for new innovative solutions to environmental problems. During a morning, representatives from politics, authorities, business and academia discussed the climate challenges from different perspectives. Technical solutions and innovations from several industries were highlighted and representatives from the solar energy industry talked about how development there is going at a breakneck pace with the help of new smart technology.

Debates and discussions

The audience also heard about green startups whose aim is to contribute to reduced emissions through innovation. One example is Plaant, which has developed a smart greenhouse for indoor use – without soil. In addition, Swedish authorities were represented through the Energy Agency, who spoke about the growing need for electricity and what is needed for Sweden to meet the needs of the new wave of electrification. During a panel discussion, representatives from the Swedish Energy Agency, Huawei and Plaant agreed that Sweden generally has a good starting point for reaching our common sustainability goals. However, we need to look to the future. That Sweden is today at the forefront should not be taken for granted. What the panelists wanted from the government was that digitization should become a top priority because increased digitization can contribute to meeting many of the challenges we face. In addition, clearer goals and a shifted focus were desired, away from society’s conflicts of interest to increased cooperation regarding the need for different types of energy.

Gets the ball rolling

The goal of the day was to create an understanding of how technology and innovations can contribute to solving many of the challenges that exist in order for Sweden to reach the high climate goals that the government has decided on. During the Green Summit, the speakers also discussed how we can together drive sustainable innovation from the perspective of the rapidly growing solar energy sector. Speakers from Soltech Energy Solutions, the industry organization Swedish Solar Energy, CheckWatt and the sustainability consultancy Ethos praised Sweden’s good climate for entrepreneurs. However, views were expressed about the decision-making ability of politicians when it comes to prioritizing environmental issues and that this is an obstacle for new innovative companies. An example that was raised was obtuse environmental tests that, instead of looking after the energy needs at the system level, limit the actors who have green and innovative solutions to contribute to creating a green and sustainable energy production.

World leader in technology for solar energy

It was the first time Huawei arranged Green Summit in Sweden and the idea is for the platform to grow into an increasingly large arena for collaborations. The plan is to arrange corresponding conferences in Norway and Finland later this year. – This type of arena is missing today, so it was very valuable. Authorities, politicians, businesses, innovators and entrepreneurs met here – we shared opinions and experiences and discussed the obstacles that exist in an open manner. I gained several new insights and am very satisfied, says Christoffer Caesar, CEO at Soltech Energy Solutions. Most people may associate Huawei with mobile phones and network equipment, but the company is also one of the world’s leaders in solar energy technology. Huawei is already running several different innovation projects together with Soltech Energy Solutions. Among other things, Soltech has used Huawei’s solution for battery storage of energy at its charging station for Scania’s electric trucks. The charging station should reduce the long charging times that have so far slowed down the increased use of electrified vehicles.

Open to more collaborations

Soltech Energy Solutions was also presented during the event as Huawei’s strategic partner in the Digital Power business area. The two companies have recently started a further collaboration to continue driving development in solar energy and smart energy solutions. – We are impressed by Huawei’s high level of innovation and the quality of their products and solutions. With this collaboration, we can take advantage of each other’s strengths and create an even better offer in the Swedish solar energy industry, says Christoffer Caesar. Another few of Huawei’s collaborations in the Nordics include one with the innovative solar cell company GruppSol, which is building VillaZero – Sweden’s first carbon dioxide-neutral villa. With partners, Huawei has also developed an innovative AI solution to sort out and stop the invasion of humpback salmon in Norwegian rivers, which pose a major threat to the local fauna. The hope is that the Green Summit will contribute to more collaborations. – During the day, we brought together many different skills and actors. We hope that it can open up more collaboration and innovation projects. That power is crucial to creating a sustainable society, says Kenneth Fredriksen. The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Huawei and not an article by Dagens industri

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