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Climate conflict shakes the Left Party: “Large part of the party has felt cheated”

The Left Party is shaken by internal conflicts after the new leadership has chosen to change course in climate policy. Critics believe that the party will lose voters to the Green Party and several sources testify to the lack of commitment before the election.Published: 1 April 2022, 19:59This weekend gather The Left Party’s party board. The meeting will deal with several issues, one of which is the party’s actions in the fuel debate. Since party leader Nooshi Dadgostar took over the helm from Jonas Sjöstedt, she has changed the party’s focus on climate issues. From private consumption of air, meat and car travel to investments in infrastructure, new technology and climate change in industry. By letting go of the debate on lifestyle, the party leadership hopes to attract voters in sparsely populated areas, mainly Social Democrats but also dissatisfied voters who went to the Sweden Democrats. on Nooshi Dadgostar’s and the party leadership’s new line. You’ve talked to people at various levels in the party, from the top to the grassroots, who testify to widespread dissatisfaction with the party’s new climate and environmental policies. Almost everyone wants to be anonymous with reference to the issue is very sensitive to the party. ”A large part of the party has felt cheated. They are the ones who will go out to the polling booths and defend our line, but people are unmotivated “, a left-wing party member states.When the party leadership recently went out with the proposal to sharply lower the price of gasoline and diesel and introduce a price cap on fossil fuels, kicked parts of the party backwards and a call against the proposal was started. “It is completely incomprehensible. The leadership is now destroying in a very short time the confidence in climate issues that the party has built up over a long period of time, “says a centrally placed left-wing party member.” The party political conflict is not lessened by the fact that it was not a serious proposal. It was signal policy that showed that the price of petrol is more important than the climate “, says another source. Petra Modée represents the Left Party in Nordanstig municipality, where she is the second vice chairman of the council. She commutes municipally to work in Sundsvall and is strongly critical of the party’s proposal for a price cap on fuel. “It is not based on any climate justice at all,” she says. The party’s new climate line can now mean that members leave, says Petra Modée. the party that has a genuine environmental commitment and chose the Left Party because it will now be a question of whether to continue their commitment “, she says.In addition to the fuel issue also created the party’s patchwork on the issue of Cementa’s continued operation on Gotland’s internal disputes. no to a vote and vips we would have changed position “, says the person. A person in a leading position in the party believes that the party leadership’s analysis, that you can attract voters from S and SD by presenting a new climate policy, does not hold. imagines that you go to these voters to meet when you change climate and environmental policy, but it is based on the assumption that it is the policy that has scared those voters away. I do not think so. It depends at least as much on valuation issues, migration and law and order, ”says the person.Several left-wing parties points out that the party is now endangering voters who have won from the Green Party as a result of the former V-leader Jonas Sjöstedt’s persistent work to profile the party on climate issues. ”It is a gamble by the party leadership. We have a lot of votes in Stockholm’s southern town, Majorna in Gothenburg and such areas. Eight years ago it was the Green Party’s voters, now we take them for granted and are prepared to risk them in order to reach other groups “, says a left-wing party member. You have talked to several high-ranking people within the MP who confirm that the party opening before the election to pass the parliamentary block precisely because V, as a person within the MP puts it, “left ‘walkover'” in climate issues. “There is a clear downside of this, you lose environmentally and climate-committed voters. But is there an upside? Do you win voters over it? It is doubtful “, says a V-source. Fredrik Björkman

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