Google’s challenge to open source competition in the AI ​​race


Artificial intelligence is one of the most promising technologies of our time and is expected to significantly change the way we live and work. However, According to an anonymous Google engineer, the AI ​​development race may be being led by a third faction, the open source community.

This suggests that both Google and OpenAI could lose the AI ​​race against open source, and that cooperation is the key to success in this race.

The superiority of open source.

According to the anonymous Google engineer, the open source community has already solved many of the problems that Google and other closed developers in the AI ​​field struggle with. The engineer cites LLaMA de Meta as the first “really capable grassroots model” from the open source community. The community began improving LLaMA within days of its leak on March 3.

Open source is a powerful tool and available to anyone with a “rugged laptop”. In other words, it is not necessary to have access to the resources that large companies have in order to contribute and improve technology.

Engineer’s proposal.

The engineer suggests that competing directly with open source is a “losing proposition” and that cooperation is the key to success in this race. The engineer proposes that Google should work with the open source community, as it has already done with other products such as its Chrome web browser and its Android mobile operating system.

Google’s cloud division has also worked extensively with numerous open source blockchain projects, including Polygon, Solana, and Tezos, among others.

To end.

Open source is leading the AI ​​race. While it is important to have intellectual property and resources, cooperation is equally important. Technology advances very fast, and competition is crucial for innovation.

However, working with open source can be beneficial to all parties, as it can help speed up development and improve the quality of the technology, while reducing costs and maximizing the reach of the technology. Ultimately, collaboration between large companies and the open source community could be the path to a better and more innovative future.

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