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Published: March 15, 2022, 10: 00Updated: March 24, 2022, 10:42The interest in automating administrative tasks is something that is constantly growing. Although many companies see the benefits and long-term cost savings with Intelligent Automation, they fear that it will be a costly initial investment before the value is realized. Therefore, Roboyo has launched the Plug and Play Automation service, which lowers the threshold by spreading the cost over a longer period. – The unique thing about us is our focus on the implementation of intelligent automation technology to create value and profits for our customers, says Cecilia Clinch, Nordic Regional Lead and Senior Manager at Roboyo. She describes the company as a leading player in intelligent automation with operations in three continents and assignments in everything from retail to large industrial companies, municipalities and government agencies. – Automation suits companies and services across the entire spectrum. We are agnostic and based on the automation needs of our customers. We have a solid toolbox with automation solutions for efficiency and value, such as Robotic Process Automation, AI Chatbots, NLP, Intelligent Document Processing, Intuitive Machine Learning and Process and Task Mining, she says. Strategy, goals and measurable results Roboyo’s working method is about be a partner throughout the automation journey. The starting point is that the customer should understand the possibilities with the technology, set a goal and vision for what is to be achieved. Thereafter, a structure is developed for how the work is to be carried out on the basis of set goals. Which in addition to technology implementation also includes staff training, follow-up of results and competence transfer to ensure a continuous value via automation. – The possibilities are endless and determined only according to the customer’s goals, says Cecilia Clinch. A clear trend she sees is that more and more companies look broadly when it comes to the benefits of automation. – Of course they want to save time and money but our customers want to be proactive and work with the company’s future where Intelligent Automation becomes an integral part of the strategy, says Cecilia Clinch.Plug and Play AutomationDavid Hansson , Commercial Director Plug and Play Automation, sees that interest in automation is constantly growing. But also that some companies do not have the opportunity to bear the initial investments or to maintain their investment with their own resources. – We see that there is a certain financial threshold among some potential customers to get started with automation. That is why we offer “Worry free ownership”, through the partnership Plug and Play Automation, which, for example, suits customers who are at the beginning of their automation journey or companies whose automation journey has begun to lose direction and stagnate, says David Hansson. Plug and Play Automation is an “ear to loaf” solution where Roboyo analyzes and identifies the automation potential, implements the solution and then maintains the operationalized automated processes. The entire flow is handled in the self-developed platform Converge, where customers have full insight into both the process and how their automations perform. All based on a fixed monthly cost, so that even companies with limited liquidity or automation capacity can realize the benefits of automation. – A fixed monthly price gives our customers predictability and precision in planning processes, such as budgeting and liquidity planning. Because the processes are paid for 36 months and are only charged when the automation solution is put into operation, a direct return on investment is allowed from day one after commissioning, says David Hansson. About Roboyo: Roboyo is the world’s largest global specialist company for professional services in Intelligent Automation, with offices in 11 countries and 3 continents. With offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Copenhagen, Roboyo has a strong Nordic presence. Roboyo helps companies realize the benefits of automation and create the right conditions to streamline work processes. Do you want to learn about the latest trends in Intelligent Automation? click here. The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Roboyo Sweden AB and not an article by Dagens industri

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