Get to know the first NFT nightclub in Latin America in Medellín


For many in Latin America, the acronym “NFT” is quite common but poorly associated since many of those who know these digital pieces have done so through access to NFT-based “play to earn” investment games.

The subsequent fall of many NFT-based games and the current ignorance of these virtual pieces has made many people keep a distance from these pieces, leaving aside the usefulness and benefits they can provide.

Today we will be talking about a brilliant business idea that was born in Medellín and that uses NFT pieces to create solid bridges that can unify the advantages offered by web 3.0 and the entertainment industry. Go for it!

The first nightclub based on NFT in Latin America!

We are talking about Astronea NFT Club and 10-60 Medellin, the first nightclub based on NFT in Colombia and Latin America; this idea was born in order to bring this technology easily and quickly to people who do not have knowledge about blockchain and cryptocurrencies.bringing the benefits of NFT to nightlife to improve access to services and enhance people’s experience.

What is Astronea NFT Club and what benefits does it offer?

More than assets made for speculation, NFTs can have many uses, this time, the creators of Astronea NFT Club have decided to release a total of 2120 different Astroneas created by Mateo Aguirre, Colombian illustrator.

These pieces are unique and immutable linked to the blockchain with the aim of creating the first NFT/membership collection to improve access to different types of services in the first NFT nightclub in Latin America.

Why buy an Astronea NFT?

By owning one of these NFTs you can enjoy great benefits and improve your experience in 10-60 Medellín, a space of 1,200 square meters with 4 floors of entertainment, an area with forest, stream and a terrace with a panoramic view of the city of Medellín. The 10-60 slot is open to everyone with or without NFTs, but Astronea NFT owners have extra benefits.

Owning an Astronea NFT not only allows you to access better benefits but also makes you the owner of a unique and irreplaceable piece that you can sell, exchange or rent as you see fit; This manages to offer you 2 incredible advantages to access the best entertainment experience while investing in a piece with real value in the blockchain.

In conclusion

This project is made up of Andrew Moontechnology entrepreneur, filmmaker, dedicated to developing the cultural and creative industries, and John David Vizcayaserial entrepreneur, investor and crypto expert. Without a doubt, it offers a new point of view regarding the future of NFTs by improving services beyond their speculation in the financial markets..

What do you think of this project?

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