George Soros: “Chinese President Xi Jinping is the greatest enemy of open societies”

Charlie Taylor

Mega-investor George Soros has called China's President Xi Jinping the biggest threat to open societies around the world. The message was delivered on Twitter with a link to an article signed by him published by The Wall Street Journal. Soros says that in his quest for power, Xi Jinping has turned those below him into "yes-speakers." That is: they obey the leader without any kind of questioning. In the text, he contrasts the American model, which protects individual freedom, and the one pursued by the current Chinese ruler. “Mr Xi believes that Mao Tse Tung invented a superior type of organization, of which he is a follower: a totalitarian form of closed society in which the individual is subordinate to the one-party state,” the businessman wrote.

Sera and Xi Jinping

Soros also believes Chinese pressure to take over Taiwan has deteriorated relations with the United States, which could lead to war. At another point, the article points out that there is a problem for Xi in 2022: the Chinese ruler tried to break the succession system of power in the country to remain in charge for the rest of his life. “He knows the plan has a lot of enemies and he wants to make sure they don't have the resilience,” he said. It is not the first time that the mega investor has sent this type of message. In 2019, in a speech at the Davos Forum, Soros made the same warning about Xi Jinping's growing personal power.

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