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More cyber attacks make cloud storage more important

Published: September 13, 2022, 11:31 amPolitical instability, more and more cyber attacks and increased data volumes – all of this places higher demands on protecting sensitive data. Digital sovereignty is one of the solutions to the problem.Keep control of your assets and personal data – read more about digital sovereignty here. While the need to protect sensitive data will not diminish, it must also be possible to share the information securely. This dilemma can be solved by aligning the right data to the right cloud. The concept of digital sovereignty simply aims to protect digital assets. It can be about who has access to what data, where it is, where it moves and who has the ownership rights. Control over storage and access to your own data is at the center. It may sound simple, but there are a lot of obstacles that have to be tackled. One is the law, which does not always keep up with the rapid technological development. How to deal with all regulations such as GDPR, the Cloud Act and the updated Privacy Shield that will soon come from the European Commission? Keeping up to date requires both a lot of time and is complicated, not least for smaller companies. – Awareness of this is increasing. But it is important that both the industry and authorities contribute with clear guidelines and with specific advice based on the framework conditions that apply, said Wenche Karlstad, head of the strategic differentiation program at Tietoevry Connect in the Nordics, recently during the Arendal Week in Norway, which corresponds to the Swedish Almedal Week.

The right purpose and the right cloud storage

One consequence of increasing complexity is that companies’ need for external expertise will increase. The regulatory measures in this area that the EU has taken are considered by most to be good and can protect users. At the end of the year, as mentioned, the European Commission will present new and tougher measures to guarantee sovereignty and protect cloud services. It is a constant balancing act between promoting innovation, new smart technology and growth on the one hand, and ensuring that sensitive data does not fall into the wrong hands on the other. It is a lot about differentiating between different types of data and finding the optimal solution that is adapted to the right purpose and the right cloud storage. In practice, Sweden and the rest of the Nordic countries are relatively well equipped in this context. In general, the Nordic region can demonstrate a maturity and strong innovative power when it comes to providing digital services to citizens, companies and society at large. The challenge is instead that small and medium-sized companies and players should be able to feel the same security and have the same conditions as large players. Activation of protected data must be possible in a secure and trust-based infrastructure. Data is, and will be, a resource that can and should be shared, as long as it is done in a correct way. – In the end, it is about the ownership of the data. We need to be able to trust that the rules are good enough not to give other countries access to sensitive data and that the data is classified in a way that allows us to have control over it. Awareness of the choice of different cloud solutions in a multi-cloud landscape is crucial in this regard, says Wenche Karlstad.Sovereign cloud – therefore, it is a necessary addition to your multi-cloud strategy The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Tietoevry and not an article by Dagens industri

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