From zero to five. The Road to CoinEx Success


The evolution of cryptocurrencies shows us that exchanges, the first destination of most cryptocurrency users, play an essential role, as they have attracted large amounts of funds and users for the industry. Furthermore, the performance of these exchanges in terms of user service also more or less explains the loss of users in the space.

As a cryptocurrency exchange that puts users first, CoinEx will soon celebrate its fifth anniversary. Over the past five years, the exchange has identified many promising projects and has continued to push cryptocurrency forward. Also, they have been committed to great user experiences and have continued to improve their products and services. By attracting users into the space, CoinEx has also retained more cryptocurrency investors through top-notch user services and has walked its five-year cryptocurrency journey alongside millions of users around the world. .

Dedicated to user experiences, CoinEx has explored cryptocurrency trends, improved its products, and upgraded its services, enabling it to achieve its own success during its jump from 0 to 5. From 2017 to 2022, CoinEx’s focus CoinEx’s success at each stage differs, but it also shares a common priority: the exchange has always put users first.

Phase: 0

2017 saw explosive growth in the cryptocurrency market. Throughout the year, the price of BTC increased and registered an annual growth rate of 1,700%, attracting the attention of a growing number of investors around the world.

The cryptocurrency rush also motivated veteran entrepreneurs to venture into the world of cryptocurrencies and create new businesses. Back then, Haipo Yang, founder of ViaBTC Pool, witnessed the unrefined growth of cryptocurrency exchanges and noted restrictions on their growth. In order to offer easier and more user-friendly cryptocurrency trading services, he decided to venture into the exchange category.

In its 0 phase, CoinEx observed the development of the sector, studied the demands of the users and optimized the products. I take the momentum and plan to unleash its potential in phase 1.

Phase 1

Banked by the ViaBTC team, a blockchain veteran, CoinEx was born in December 2017. Furthermore, CoinEx founder Haipo Yang researched the actual demands of crypto users and caught the right moment. During CoinEx’s first year, all went well, with the exchange gaining a foothold in the market through swift action.

In January 2018, CoinEx launched CET, its token based on its platform, to help users benefit from more flexible and diversified trading scenarios. CET gained the cryptocurrency spotlight soon after its launch and recorded steady price growth.

In Phase 1, CoinEx worked to build a user-friendly exchange by offering satisfying services that set it apart from its peers, allowing it to scale and capture more market share.

Phase 2

No adventure is easy, and CoinEx faced challenges and setbacks during its second year in the world of cryptocurrency. While battling weak market conditions and unfavorable policies, CoinEx began to reflect on itself and make further adjustments. Against all odds, in 2019 it evolved to become one of the crypto exchanges with the widest range of products in the world.

In its phase 2, CoinEx remained committed to its original motivations and never gave up. They were fully aware that they could only navigate through the challenges ahead by keeping their commitments and seeking progress through constant self-reflection in difficult times.

Phase 3

During the third year of the crypto journey, CoinEx, along with crypto users around the world, suffered the great impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020, many crypto users lost their money and jobs and faced life challenges. To help them recover, CoinEx launched the global Ambassador Program in March of that year, which created jobs for many crypto users around the world. In this way, CoinEx contributed the part that corresponded to the sector.

In its phase 3, CoinEx overcame the challenges together with its users and the sector. During the difficult days, they chose to join the users and stay engaged with cryptocurrencies, instead of focusing on their own survival.

Phase: 4

In March 2021, CoinEx’s global expansion strategy was launched, expanding into 15 language zones to offer premium services to users in different markets. In June 2021, the CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) mainnet went live, allowing users to create their own DApps effortlessly.

In Phase 4, CoinEx broadened its perspective and accelerated building its global presence through end-to-end deployments to provide end-to-end ecosystem services to more users around the world.

Phase: 5

In 2022, CoinEx updated its brand slogan to “Making Crypto Trading Easier”. With the goal of removing all financial restrictions, CoinEx plans to help users around the world to easily trade cryptocurrencies as a gateway to the world of cryptocurrencies.

This year, CoinEx has focused on improving its products and services, and has made great strides in token listing, user services, and market share. In our fifth year, we have streamlined products, including futures, fiat and financial services, with an emphasis on market intelligence and language support, to deliver user-friendly and user-friendly cryptocurrency trading processes.

In our phase 5, we have to remove industry barriers and traditional boundaries. By offering easy-to-use products and on-demand services, we have helped more users around the world to embark on their own crypto adventure.

From 0 to 5, CoinEx has continued to improve. Although the last five years have been a long journey, a more epic adventure awaits us in the future. Looking ahead, CoinEx will continue to strive to outdo itself and face new winds and waves together with all of its users.

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