Foxbit releases tokenized precatoria, an option for the CDB

Charlie Taylor

The cryptocurrency market has even reached public debt, with the launch of court orders from the Foxbit crypto-assets broker. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investors can now more securely diversify their portfolios through an investment that can yield much more than savings and CDI. Foxbit Tokens, As a business unit that develops digital assets backed by real assets, Foxbit announced to the market a new opportunity for portfolio diversification, through alternative investments, which contribute even more to the evolution of the financial market, and offering for the common investor the possibility of investing in assets that before only large investors used to own.

How do tokenized court orders work?

Precatório are debt securities payable by the government, generated when the State loses shares and is obliged by the Court to make some payment. However, many people and companies do not want to wait for the payment deadline, which opens up the opportunity to buy these debts cheaper. However, many of these debts are large and complex to buy from individual investors. This is where the tokenization of debts comes in, which will be sold for a minimum of R$100.00, opening up the opportunity for small investors to diversify into yet another investment instrument.

How much does this new type of investment yield?

Foxbit court orders will have an estimated yield of 20% in the 20-month period in the conservative scenario, and up to 40% in the optimistic scenario, in the case of the “FTPC-34645” token.Foxbit ScenariosIn addition to the payment of principal and late payment interest, the value is also protected by indices such as IPCA-E. To give you an idea, in 2020 savings yielded only 2.11%, and the accumulated DI was only 2.75 %.For those who buy, the precatório is a great personal investment, which combines an interesting return for the investor, well above the fixed income securities offered in the market, and security, since the debtor is a public entity.

Is it safe to invest in court orders?

The payment of these titles is directly provided for in the highest law in the country, the Federal Constitution in its article 100 – obliging the governments of the state, federal and municipal spheres to pay the precatório debts. Foxbit's precatório have added security. They undergo a legal study to ensure that they are a priority at the time of state payment, in addition to being from the richest state in the Union, which increases investor credibility.

Digitizing the world

It's not just in the precatory area that crypto-asset brokers are tokenizing. The idea of ​​digitizing assets in the blockchain is coming as a huge wave that is carrying everything from club, house and apartment tokens, to the dollar itself with stablecoins for the blockchain. Read also: Buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at Coinext
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