Four common myths about electric cars

Charlie Taylor

Published: 27 June 2022, 16:01 Updated: 27 June 2022, 16:03Expensive, boring and cumbersome? No, many of the myths about electric cars are false. And now that gas and diesel prices are skyrocketing, it’s time to hit them once and for all.EXTERNAL LINK:

Myth 1: Electric cars are too expensive to buy

New technology is often more expensive in the beginning and the electric car market follows the same pattern. But with an ever-increasing range of models, lower entry prices and more advantageous subscription offers are to be expected. An example is Volvo, which offers an affordable version of the all-electric Volvo XC40 with an entry price of SEK 5,690 / month. The Volvo C40 Recharge is also offered in a front-wheel drive version starting at SEK 5,890 / month. Do not forget to calculate the total cost. The purchase price is only a part. If you compare a fully electric Volvo XC40 Recharge with the mild hybrid version XC40 B3, you see that the electric car, despite a higher purchase price, is cheaper to own for a three-year period.

Myth 2: It is cumbersome to charge fast

It is true that it has been – and to some extent still can be – difficult to recharge quickly. Different providers offer their own apps that require you to enter your card details several times. Everyone who buys an electric car from Volvo is offered a membership in Plugsurfing, which means that you can quickly charge at most major suppliers with one and the same card. All charges are collected on one invoice. Read more in “How to easily charge your electric car from Volvo”. In Volvo’s all-electric models XC40 Recharge and C40 Recharge, the integrated Google system helps you find fast chargers along your route. When you add charging stations to the car’s navigation, the car also preheats the battery, so that it better receives the charge at the station. Do not forget that fast charging often accounts for a very small part of the total charge. The majority of the charging is done at home, at work or at the grocery store.

Myth 3: I have to drive very carefully for the electricity to suffice

Many people quickly become aware of the electricity consumption of their electric car. In Volvo’s electric cars, it is possible to easily monitor electricity consumption in real time through the Range Assistant function and keep track of how much speed, climate control and driving style affect the range. In everyday life, when you do not drive more than a few miles a day, you will hardly have to worry about driving excessively financially. It quickly becomes a habit to plug the car into the charging box in the house or in the charging post in the parking lot, which means that you start most of your trips with a fully charged car. With so-called “single pedal driving”, it is also easy to adopt a comfortable and soft driving style – which is at the same time economical.

Myth 4: It is expensive to drive an electric car

In most cases, it is cheaper to drive an electric car as electric car owners usually charge the car at home, at work or at the grocery store. Although electricity prices have varied between different parts of Sweden, it is not uncommon for the price per mile for home charging to be between SEK 2-3. For longer distances, you can use a quick charger. The prices at fast charging stations are higher than for home charging, but the cost is significantly lower than refueling the car with petrol or diesel. 9 tips for summer travel by electric car The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Volvo Cars and not an article by Dagens industri

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