Fostering Growth with Love: CoinEx Charity Scholarships Help Fulfill Dreams in Vietnam


On May 27, 2023, CoinEx Charity partnered with a Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) charity in Vietnam to kick off the first ever “CoinEx Charity Dream Scholarship” charity activity. Started by CoinEx Charity, this charitable program aims to provide financial support and educational resources to underprivileged students around the world, helping them fulfill their dreams.

Education is an essential path of growth for every child, but it is often inaccessible to those living in orphanages. That is why CoinEx Charity specifically chose the Bo De Pagoda orphanage in Vietnam as the venue for the first round of scholarships. These scholarships will help the children of the orphanage to continue their studies at the Bo De School, enabling them to receive a quality education and pursue a better future. CoinEx Charity also hopes to spread compassion and positivity through this initiative so that more children can thrive in a warm and loving environment.

As one of CoinEx Charity’s charity partners, the RMIT charity has been an active participant in the scholarship programme. Both organizations have visited local orphanages, handing out learning supplies, necessities and toys to the children. At the event, the CoinEx Charity team and RMIT volunteers distributed care packages to the children and engaged them in games, singing and dancing, making Saturday a day of joy for all. CoinEx Charity also introduced the children to the importance of the program, encouraging them to bravely face life’s challenges and pursue their dreams.


The event would not have been possible without the CoinEx Charity Dream Scholarship program and the strong support of RMIT. CoinEx Charity believes that poor children need more care and support, and the program will be present in the lives of those children during their childhood and adolescence, providing more love and hope.

Since its inception, CoinEx Charity has focused on vulnerable groups around the world. The organization established the multi-million dollar Charitable Fund to contribute to charitable causes such as poverty reduction, education, and health care initiatives. Its aim is to address global inequality and promote the long-term development of the charity. The launch of the “Dream Fulfillment Scholarships by CoinEx Charity” program this year has not only brought warmth and care to impoverished children around the world, but has also promoted equity in education globally.

Education has always been a key focus of CoinEx Charity. Since last year, the organization has conducted educational initiatives around the world, including donations of learning supplies and books, building libraries, and offering online courses. CoinEx Charity has left its charitable mark all over the world. This year, through the Dream Fulfillment Grant, the organization plans to contribute to education charities in places like Vietnam, Nigeria, Indonesia and Thailand, helping more talented but underprivileged children receive better education and training. To that end, CoinEx Charity has also cooperated with charities around the world to mobilize the power of charity and contribute to the sustainability and charitable development of global communities.

While pursuing its mission: “Through the blockchain, make the world a better place”, CoinEx Charity will provide more opportunities for vulnerable groups around the world to escape poverty and live a better life through quality education. . In the coming days, CoinEx Charity will continue to focus and organize more charitable programs, and the “CoinEx Charity Dream Scholarship” program initiative will also include more charitable events in more countries to fund more children in need and help them pursue their dreams without fear through education. Furthermore, CoinEx Charity calls on the global community to pay attention to charity for education and encourages more charities and kind-hearted individuals to get involved in charitable programs to make the world a better place for everyone.

About CoinEx Charity

CoinEx Charity, founded in 2022, has launched the multi-million dollar Charitable Fund while pursuing its mission: “Through the blockchain, make the world a better place.” CoinEx Charity is actively involved in charitable causes and focuses on disadvantaged groups around the world. He has organized all kinds of charitable events, including poverty alleviation, emergency relief, charitable giving and education fundraising, in many countries around the world.

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