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Checklist for the job interview: How your company attracts the best employees

Published: May 12, 2023, 9:15 p.mJonathan Unander-Scharin is a business advisor at Skandia. As a manager or employer, it is vital to be able to recruit the best employees – and to make them want to stay. Flexibility, breakfast and ping pong table in all glory, but in times like these, other things are more important to be able to highlight for an attractive employer. The battle for talent is fierce and there are many different benefits to attract. It is important that you do not miss what is perhaps the most important of all to be an attractive employer, namely the occupational pension that secures the “salary after the career”. In times of uncertainty, the need for security increases. Employers who offer it can both attract and retain talented employees. – A modern employer with sustainable growth in focus needs to take care of its most important resource – namely the employees, says Jonathan Unander-Scharin who is a business advisor at Skandia.

Smart health work

– When employees feel good, the conditions for them to do well increase. Putting health in the focus of the company is simply a profitable investment. Many sick leaves are completely unnecessary and can be prevented with prevention and smart health work. Being without key employees for an extended period of time while waiting for care can be devastating for both large and small companies, he says. In general, companies that have the whole of occupational pension, health insurance, care insurance and sickness insurance are also healthier. – And healthier companies are more profitable companies, says Jonathan Unander-Scharin.Do you also want to have a healthier business? See how you can reduce sickness absence and increase profitability here

Access to health experts

For many years, Skandia has worked with health to make customers feel good. Skandia Tjänstepension med Hälsa is the only one of its kind, as it not only creates financial security, but also prevents sick leave and helps if someone at work were to fall ill after all. With the free health insurance, the company’s employees also have access to Skandia’s Hälsosluss, where they can turn to get early support and help to avoid sick leave. Psychologists, ergonomists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, professional life planners and health and rehab counselors work here to provide help and advice. – We know that preventive work pays off for everyone. Therefore, we have very low thresholds so that you can easily get help in time. Eight out of ten people who contact Skandia’s Hälsosluss do so for preventive purposes, before it has gone too far. It gives us the opportunity to catch problems in time and prevent costly sick leave, says Jonathan Unander-Scharin.Read more about Skandia Occupational Pension with Health

Raise the whole benefits package – not just the salary

In the struggle to attract and retain the best employees, it is important to be able to show that you are a responsible and attractive employee, states Skandia’s pension economist Mattias Munter. your entire smart benefits package. Both when you recruit and when you have salary discussions with existing colleagues. Here is his and Skandia’s checklist, which shows what you can say to show the breadth of what you as an employer can offer – beyond the salary:Occupational pension – important for your future– Every month we pay a full x number of kroner into your occupational pension. It is an important part of your total pension, which for many makes up 25-50 percent of the total pension.Salary switching – the super trick to maximize your pension– We offer you the opportunity to exchange salary for more occupational pension. Of course, we guide you to how it works and check that it fits your particular situation.Free pension advice – so you can make the right decision– You can choose how the occupational pension money should be invested, so that it suits how active you want to be. To be able to make the right decision and influence your security and pension, we give you access to free pension advice.Health insurance – to take care of your well-being– We care about the health of our employees and therefore we have a health insurance that allows you to get help early if you are not feeling well to avoid sick leave (e.g. talk therapy, physiotherapy, ergonomics).Health insurance – to increase your security– We don’t want you to have to think about finances if you become ill for a long time. That’s why we have a health insurance that starts to apply after 3 months of sick leave that can give you up to 90% of your salary.Health insurance – for quick care– In order for you to receive quick care if you are injured or ill, you have access to health insurance. This means, among other things, a. that you can get health care advice around the clock and surgery is guaranteed within 20 days. All of these parts you as a company can offer via an occupational pension solution in Skandia, which also includes a mortgage discount, a health app, access to a health lock with advice and support from Skandia’s partner Sophiahemmet Rehab Center.Do you need to review the company’s occupational pension? Get help right here

Skandia occupational pension with health – good for the company and the employee

Skandia knows that healthy and safe employees create prosperous companies. That’s why Skandia offers you and your employees a comprehensive occupational pension with an extra focus on health. By working preventively with health together with its customers, Skandia has over the past 15 years more than halved employees’ sick leave and increased the company’s profitability. For the fifth year in a row, Skandia Sweden’s most satisfied business customers in the occupational pension category.Read more about how you can get strong benefits and a healthier company here The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Skandia and not an article by Dagens industri

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