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This is how more startups should choose production in Sweden

Published: October 12, 2022, 2:22 p.mThe Produktionsänglar program works to get Swedish startups to open their eyes to production in Sweden – which provides the conditions for greener manufacturing, reduced transport and access to sustainable innovations. A company that recently went through the program and was matched with Swedish manufacturers is Ellure, which invented a technology that can reduce the make-up industry’s climate footprint.Read more about how startups get support through the industrialization journey with Production AngelsMany startup companies choose to locate their production abroad. But then you don’t count on long lead times, lack of quality and communication problems. The idea for Ellure was born when the company’s CEO and founder Selah Li stood in the make-up department of a large department store and looked at a shelf filled with foundations in different colors. – I thought about whether all the items were indeed sold and after some research I understood that this was not the case. Today, as much as 20 to 40 percent of the cosmetic products produced in the world are thrown away, which of course is an incredible waste, she says.Selah Li, CEO and founder of Ellure.Selah Li, CEO and founder of Ellure.

Customized products

Together with her co-founder Marc van Almkerk, Selah Li developed a platform that produces cosmetics to order.- With the help of our technology, cosmetics companies can reduce their waste. It is not only good for the environment, but also for the customers, who can buy customized products. Now Selah Li’s biggest challenge is to prove that the technology can also be used on a larger scale. – Me and Marc have a background in production design and extensive experience in product development , but when it comes to scalability, we still have a lot to learn. That is why we chose to participate in the Production Angels program this spring.Read more about Ellure here.

“The aim is to promote Swedish growth”

Production angels, run by Södertälje Science Park in collaboration with KTH, help sustainable and innovative startups with a physical product to scale up from prototype to production. – It is important that those participating in the program integrate sustainability into their business model. We do this so that both the product and production go from linear to circular. For three months, we support the companies on their industrialization journey and after the end of the program we continue to be in contact with them via our startup network. The purpose of Produktionsänglar is to promote Swedish growth and to keep jobs within Sweden. We do this by preparing the startups for their meeting with the manufacturers and matching them with potential Swedish manufacturers, explains Natalia Urbanska, startup manager for Produktionsänglar. During the program, the startups receive need-based coaching, i.e. a senior, experienced and production-savvy person who acts as a bridge between them and manufacturers, as well as training courses and workshops where, among other things, the product’s life cycle and components are made concrete. – It was very valuable to gain a greater understanding of which life cycles a company must go through in order to offer quality products. We learned a lot about the importance of work management and planning, says Selah Li.Natalia Urbanska, startup manager for Production Angels.Natalia Urbanska, startup manager for Production Angels.

Many go bankrupt

Today, there is a lot of help for a startup that is in the idea stage, but not for those who want to scale up and start production. This means that many go bankrupt or find collaborations with foreign manufacturers. – That is what we want to change with Production Angels. Together with KTH, we build knowledge around the startup’s challenges and needs. We continuously improve the program and already see fantastic “success stories” where we have helped startups in the right direction, says Natalia Urbanska. – For us, it meant a lot to be introduced to various Swedish financiers and manufacturers. The program gave us invaluable knowledge of the manufacturing industry and we gained a better understanding of how manufacturers think. Today, we are more confident in our communication with them, which also makes them more likely to want to cooperate with us, says Selah Li.

Scaling up the program

Previously, Produktionsänglar only existed in Södertälje, but starting this autumn it is also in Lund and is run there by Ideon Innovation. – The idea is to scale up the program further so that more companies have access to it locally. We are a complement to incubators, which we work closely with. Everyone wants the same thing, to create value with the hope that the startups will take the step towards sustainable production.Read more about how startups get support through the industrialization journey with Production AngelsThe article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Södertälje Science Park and not an article by Dagens industri

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