Former partner of Clear comments on the price of Bitcoin, will we have a high?

Bo Williams Bitcoin price

Yesterday, in a weekly live for Foxbit brokerage channel, Bo Williams analyzed the charts of several cryptocurrencies.

Bo is a graphic analyst, with years of experience in the traditional and cryptocurrency market, and a former partner at Clear Corretora, currently belonging to Grupo XP.

For the biggest one, Bitcoin, Bo paid special attention, but did not fail to mention the opportunities he is seeing at the moment, based on technical analysis.


Bo said he believes Bitcoin price is hitting a bottom (which would indicate it would follow an uptrend) and forming a “kiss of life” with double support 17 suggesting a resumption of the BTC's uptrend.

Double support near $58,000 (BRL 320,000) suggests an uptrend ahead.

Advancing the minor resistances, it should reach $62,000, then reach $64,000.

Bitcoin price chart with Bo's expectation.


Also “very interesting” movement, with double support close to US$4,000 (R$22,000).

Bo believes that ETH will target the US$4,500 (R$25,000), following the path, as (almost) always, of Bitcoin.

Ethereum price chart with expectation of Bo

other altcoins

Among the most promising altcoins for the moment, among those he maps and analyzes on a daily basis, Bo cited:

  • ALICE (My Neighbor Alice)
  • STMX (Stormx)
  • ONE (Harmony)
  • GALA (Gala)
  • BNB (Binance Coin)
  • LUNA (Earth)

Furthermore, he mentioned that several of them are at support level, which would reinforce the thesis that they should aim upwards in the coming days.

Highlight also for AVAX (Avalanche), which has not stopped rising in recent days, and discovered a new high yesterday (US$ 110.18).

In the opposite direction (down): YFI (Yearn Finance), UNI (Uniswap).

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