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Green Cargo takes a holistic approach to round timber transports

Published: April 26, 2022, 9:00 p.m.Rail transport is climate-smart and high-capacity. Green Cargo, which has an offer adapted to the entire forest industry’s value chain, is now launching a new, flexible solution for timber transport. The investment includes a dedicated timber organization and a new competitive timber wagon. The biggest advantage of rail transport is energy efficiency – large volumes can be transported with very low emissions. At the same time, a single train driver can haul the same amount of goods that require 20-30 truck drivers or more on the road. Green Cargo’s transport services have long covered several parts of the forest’s value chain. Everything from roundwood and pulp to wood chips and finished packaging is handled with the help of system trains, wagon load networks and intermodal traffic arrangements. New round timber unit and new timber wagonRound timber as a segment differs from other parts of the basic industry and sets special requirements that can quickly change in need of volumes, lead times and geographical starting points. Therefore, a special investment is made in roundwood and Green Cargo offers customers a completely new level of service with competitive transport solutions. – Roundwood is a fundamental part of the Swedish basic industry and is of course part of our long-term core business. We have seen a great need to adapt our operations in combination with an increased need from the market, where customers are increasingly demanding a completely fossil-free logistics solution. This resulted in a unit that we chose to call timber logistics. Before the end of the year, nine people will be part of the unit. This means that the customer gets a direct contact with control over the entire flow from request to delivery, says Ma-delene Askeblad, head of Round Timber Logistics at Green Cargo. An important part of the investment is the new Golden Bullet 2.0 timber trolley. One of Green Cargo’s larger customers has already started using this transport solution for its round timber transports. There are several benefits to Golden Bullet 2.0. Thanks to its large load profile, it becomes length-efficient as it holds more wood per meter. In combination with lower axle load due to more axles per vehicle meter, wear at the Swedish Transport Administration’s facility is reduced.Train transports gain groundGreen Cargo can handle all types of products in the forest industry – pulp, paper rolls, sawn wood products, MDF boards, round timber, chip transports and CLT elements. Via the company’s network, almost 300 locations are reached in Sweden and Norway and about 2,000 destinations in Europe via various partners on the continent. a truck that is 24-25 meters long can take 36-50 tons within Sweden and even less between EU countries. We can also handle large variation in volume from a carriage to an entire train, says Denis Basic, strategic salesman.Both environmental and safety benefitsEnvironmental arguments are becoming increasingly important. – Our trains run on electricity that comes from renewable sources and enable our customers to reduce their climate and environmental impact. Customers have the opportunity to mark their freight transports with “Good Environmental Choice”. Another thing that I also want to highlight is that our customers contribute to less heavy traffic on our roads, which is better for the environment and increases road safety for other road users, concludes Denis Basic.About Green CargoGreen Cargo is a sustainable logistics partner and an important part of the Scandinavian business community. 96 percent of our transport work takes place with electric trains where the climate impact is very close to zero. Every day, we run 400 freight trains and replace around 9,000 truck transports on the road network daily. The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Green Cargo and not an article by Dagens industri

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