Floyd Wetherton


floyd wetherton

Floyd Wetherton is a man with a criminal past, and a career in the entertainment industry. This article will explore his criminal history and the details of his career. In addition, the article will discuss his relationship with 50 Cent, as well as the cars he owns.

Cars he owns

Known as Money for a reason, Floyd Mayweather loves cars and has an impressive collection. The former boxer has owned more than 100 cars over the years, according to his publicist. Most of his cars are all black, although he also owns a few white cars in Los Angeles.

He has owned several high-end cars, including a Bugatti, a Mercedes, a Rolls-Royce, a G-Wagon, and a few more. He has also purchased an ultra-rare hypercar, the Pagani Huayra. It is one of his crown jewels.

Another car in Mayweather’s collection is the McLaren 650S. The supercar has a price tag of around $30,000 for the coupe. The convertible version costs a bit more at around half a million. The interior is built with race-bred technology, providing a balance of luxury and excitement. The 650S Spider variant weighs about 40 kgs more than the coupe, but it also boasts a top speed of over 207 mph.

Mayweather also owns a Mercedes Maybach S600. The car cost around $210,000 when it first hit the market, and he was the first celebrity to own it.

His criminal history

Having a criminal history isn’t for the faint of heart, but for those who haven’t had to contend with an inmate, a quick browse of the local courthouse may provide some insights into one’s judicial past. Among the numerous records found were a handful of lesser offenses, including a flimsy arrest for assaulting a government official, and a few misdemeanors involving minor drug charges. A quick review of the clerk’s office reveals that an employer has recently hired a new employee whose name has recently popped up on a slew of arrests. The new employee’s predicament has the unfortunate side effect of stifling a potentially productive work relationship. The employer isn’t inclined to dig deep, however, as he has a few other applicants to choose from.

One of the best indicators of the aforementioned employee’s plight is a recent phone call from his security team. Although the callers were less than impressed by the tepid reception, they nonetheless acquiesced to the call. On the heels of the initial elicitation, a second phone call ensues. The security team is on the case, and after a few minutes of chitchat, the employer has a plethora of pertinent information.

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