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CoinEx offers an ecosystem capable of providing you with everything you need to invest in the cryptocurrency market, given the diversity of options available on its platform we can find the perpetual futures contracts and today we make a detailed emphasis on its operation to take advantage of a large number of opportunities in today’s wildest financial market.

Stay until the end and discover how to invest in perpetual futures contracts on the platform CoinEx easily and quickly.

What is CoinEx?

It was born in 2017 in association with the ViaBTC team with the aim of providing low-cost solutions for the largest number of people in the world. As highlighted above, CoinEx has an ecosystem made up of 5 other sites that position it as one of the most complete platforms today when using blockchain technology and trading in the cryptocurrency market.

Among its most notable advantages we can highlight a simple interface with support in more than 16 languageshas more than 300 trading pairs, low commissions, high liquidity, ability to execute up to 10,000 trades per second, and high levels of security by providing a guarantee of up to 100% with cold storage away from the reach of third parties.

What are perpetual contracts?

To learn about this type of investment option, it is important to note that we are talking about a type of financial derivative that works in a similar way to traditional futures contracts with the only difference that they do not have an expiration date. These contracts allow you to execute positions in advance taking into account the possible movements of the market in certain periods of time.

How do perpetual contracts work on CoinEx?

When using this investment option it is important to take into account some of the key aspects when opening future positions and understand the mechanism of the contracts.

fair price: the contract employs fair price marking which determines the unrealized PNL and the liquidation price on the position.
Initial Margin: the minimum amount to open a position.
Maintenance Margin: The minimum amount of margin required to keep your position open.
Financing: adjusts the trade price to be close to the Spot price.
Leverage: one of the most outstanding aspects and gives you the possibility of generating exponential profits in established periods of time, all from leverage ranging from x3 to x100 depending on the digital asset.

Leverage percentage for some digital assets.

Crossover Margin: takes into account the total amount of funds in the available balance, which will be used as margin on the position.
Isolated margin: uses the owner’s initial margin to cover the open position.
Buy long: It is based on the purchase of an asset with the expectation that its price could rise in the future and then execute said position and obtain profits on the price difference. This is called “buy first and sell later”
Short sale: It is carried out by selling an asset in the present with the expectation that its price will fall in the future. Once a sale position is executed, the funds are blocked until it is decided to liquidate the position in the future. This is called “sell first and buy later”.

How to invest in perpetual futures contracts on CoinEx?

Here we show you how through 5 simple steps you can use this investment tool in CoinEx.

Login to your CoinEx account and if you are not yet a user of the platform you can join through the following link.


On the home page you can see at the top the word “Contract”. Click and visit this section to get started.

Next you will be able to see the panel of options to invest in perpetual futures in which you must choose the trading pair to open your operations that you can find in the upper left.

Once you choose the trading pair, you only have to write down the amount of money you want to invest to open the operation, taking into account the aspects shown in the image.

Press BUY or SELL and voila!

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