Final Fantasy creator participates in US$ 35 million investment in Brazilian entrepreneur startup

Charlie Taylor

While much cryptocurrency gaming activity takes place on the Ethereum and Solana networks, Zebedee – a company that counts Brazilian André Neves among its founders – has strongly supported Bitcoin over the past two years. Now, the startup has raised a new fund that featured a gaming heavyweight, Square Enix, the publisher of Final Fantasy.Also read: Brazilians who are dominating the cryptocurrency industry abroadZebedee today announced a $35 million Series B funding round led by Kingsway Capital, which includes participation from Square Enix and The Raine Group, in addition to current investors Zebedee, Initial Capital and Lakestar. On Zebedee’s platform, game designers can embed micropayments using the Lightning Network, which is based on Bitcoin. The company offers an application programming interface (API) for developers to apply the technology and an app for players to access their Bitcoin prizes, allowing game studios to provide modest amounts of BTC as rewards for playing games, for example. In 2021, Zebedee launched exclusive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) servers that allowed players to bet and win Bitcoin rewards for participating in online matches as a way to demonstrate the technology. The startup claims that the typical transaction size on its platform uses the Lightning Network and involves just $0.08 in BTC. Zebedee previously raised an $11.5 million Series A round in September 2021, and the The company said it has so far raised about $50 million in total. The company said in a press release that its user base has grown tenfold since then. When Decrypt asked for more specific data on the company’s expansion, a Zebedee representative replied that the company does not disclose its user count. The spokesperson was then asked if there were any noteworthy new games on their platform, and he mentioned Fumb Games’ Bitcoin Miner and Vestly, adding that several of their apps “have seen a lot of ongoing interaction.”

Who is Square Enix?

Square Enix is ​​a big video game publisher and is not only behind the famous Final Fantasy but also Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Quest and other popular game IPs. It also recently owned Tomb Raider and Deus Ex, but sold those franchises and others – as well as three of its game studios – for $300 million to help fund its ventures into the blockchain industry. The most outspoken mainstream in support of the potential benefits of blockchain technology is Square Enix, along with Ubisoft. Based on its Million Arthur series, the developer initially sold NFT collectibles in Japan in 2021. The company will also bring its IP Dungeon Siege to The Sandbox, an Ethereum metaverse game it previously sponsored in 2020. Yosuke Matsuda, President from Square Enix also wrote favorably about the possibilities of NFTs and the next metaverse, a blockchain-backed 3D Internet evolution. Matsuda stated in a January article that “we will enable the self-sustaining growth of games by incorporating viable token economies into our games.” Longtime fans and mainstream gamers have expressed displeasure with Square Enix’s efforts in the blockchain space. They actively opposed NFTs, noting the negative effects some platforms have on the environment, as well as fraud and other issues. Zebedee’s revelation suggests that the Japanese gaming icon is simply invading the market.*Translated by Bitcoin Portal with authorization from Decrypt.Want to invest in digital assets but don’t know where to start? Bitcoin Market offers the best and safest trading experience for anyone taking their first steps in the digital economy. Meet the MB!\r\n window.uolads.push({id: \”banner-970×250-area-1\” });\r\n \r\n

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