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This is how pension capital plays a role in solving the planet’s challenges

Published: July 4, 2022, 7:00 AM Updated: July 8, 2022, 3:52 p.m.Helena Hagberg, Head of Sustainability at Skandia. Skandia will reduce fossil holdings by 75 percent, while doubling green investments. – We can not wait, this decade is crucial for whether the world will be able to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement, says Helena Hagberg, head of sustainability at Skandia. The pension company Skandia has around SEK 800 billion under management. These are slightly staggering figures and with large capital also comes a great responsibility. – The climate issue is one of the most important issues of our time. We have a long-term management assignment and here the pension capital can really contribute to positive change. It is needed and plays a role in solving the great societal challenges our planet faces, says Helena Hagberg.Skandia can contribute to climate change Just ten years ago, it was companies in fossil energy and raw materials that topped the lists of the world’s most valued companies. Today, they have been replaced by companies in technology and innovation. – The global economy is facing a major transformation. In order to achieve the goals that have been set, the investments need to be a force in the change itself, where it is really needed. This means that we as a pension company can provide the opportunity for a good return at the same time as we contribute to climate change, says Helena Hagberg. The financial market is about to become an important key to the transition to a more sustainable future. Skandia’s “future investments” include a wide range of exciting investments in, for example, high-speed fiber in Europe, digitalized services, smart grids and infrastructure to enable continued expansion of renewable electricity production. – Thanks to our size in the market, we have extensive experience in in newly started unlisted companies, so-called venture capital. Building for the future increasingly means investments with a clear focus on sustainability, says Helena Hagberg.Skandia has launched new goalsTo meet and contribute to climate change, Skandia has launched offensive goals. As early as 2025, holdings in fossil energy in the pension portfolio will have decreased by 75 percent, while green investments will double. In addition, Skandia has committed to invest at least another SEK 40 billion in climate investments until 2030. – Investments in the long term must be made now. We have gradually reduced the proportion of assets in fossil fuels, which today make up a single percent of our invested capital. At the same time, we are shifting the pace in investments that contribute to climate change, says Helena Hagberg and concludes: – This does not mean that we will only invest in renewable energy and green technology – our world does not look like that. The change is long-term and involves many different sectors and goes at different speeds in different parts of the world. But we do not have time to wait and are now acting to adapt the portfolios in the long term and contribute to the global climate goals.Read more about how the pension money contributesDisclosure:
Keep in mind that an investment in an insurance with traditional management is associated with a certain risk. Historical returns are no guarantee of future returns. Surpluses from our asset management are distributed to the insurance with a bonus interest rate. Depending on the result in asset management, your insurance capital can both increase and decrease in value. In an insurance with traditional management, however, there is a guarantee when it is time for payment, which means that you can not get less than what we have guaranteed you. The guarantee is based on a certain part of the premium you pay in. The information in the article is not intended as advice. If you need advice based on your personal circumstances, feel free to contact an adviser. The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Skandia and not an article by Dagens industri

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