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“Sustainable industry requires digital revolution”

Published: 20 September 2022, 12:00 Updated: 22 September 2022, 14:28Swedish industry accounts for a third of the country’s total emissions of greenhouse gases. Despite promising investments in green steel and battery factories along Norrland’s coast, further major steps are required for Sweden to reach its climate goals. According to Ericsson’s sustainability manager Mats Pellbäck Scharp, a decisive factor for this to be possible is spelled “digital revolution”, but then investments in research, education and digital infrastructure are required. The ongoing digitization means that industrial activities, everything from manufacturing and warehousing to transport, connected to the 5G network. In this way, companies will be able to use large amounts of data to save electricity, reduce downtime, automate, create new innovations and overall make better decisions. – The digital revolution is absolutely crucial for us to be able to speed up the green conversion of industry, not least when it comes to streamlining the use of materials, energy and transport. With Sweden’s strong history as an engineering country, we have the opportunity to take the lead, reshape our own industry and export solutions to the rest of the world, says Mats Pellbäck Scharp. Digitization can increase profitabilityMats highlights Ericsson’s own factory in Lewisville in the USA as a good example of how digitization can increase profitability while reducing climate and environmental impact. Compared to a similar operation without the new technology, Ericsson’s factory has 120 percent higher production per employee, 24 percent lower energy consumption and 75 percent lower water use compared to other similarly rated factories. At Boliden’s operations in the Aitik mine, you can also see evidence of digitization as an enabler. Through a joint project with Ericsson, Boliden has automated drilling and blasting in the mine, which means reduced costs by over SEK 25 million per year. The next step in the project is self-driving or remote-controlled trucks that have the ability to drive much more efficiently, with more consistent speed and fewer brakes. In this way, Boliden could reduce the annual fuel consumption at the mine by ten percent and reduce the annual emissions by approximately 9,400 tons of carbon dioxide, Mats explains. Requires national investmentsBut national investments are required for Sweden as a country to be at the forefront and keep up with the digital industrial revolution, Mats Pellbäck Scharp believes. Right now, countries such as South Korea, Germany, Finland and the USA are implementing powerful investments to digitize the industry. – Other countries have gained a head start both in terms of the rollout of 5G and excellence in key technologies. Therefore, we need investments in a natural science competence lift in elementary school, investments in research and innovation in the field, but we also need to ensure that the 5G networks are in place. Through digitization, we are giving ourselves the conditions for the world’s first green industry, concludes Mats.About Ericsson:• Net sales in 2021: SEK 232.3 billion• Ericsson’s shares are listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm and Nasdaq New York exchanges.• Number of employees: 101,000 globally, of which 14,000 in Sweden• R&D employees 27,739, of which approx. 10,500 in Sweden• Number of granted patents: 60,000+ and 100+ signed license agreements Read more at www.ericsson.com The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Ericsson and not an article by Dagens industri

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