January 21, 2022

FBI investigation could end up confiscating bitcoin from Brazilian brokerages

A letter sent by the United States Secret Service (FBI) to the Federal Public Prosecutor's Office reported the possible need to seize bitcoins and cryptography from Brazilian brokerages in search of scammers' funds.
According to the FBI, criminals imitated the page of an international exchange in a phishing scam in 2019. Victims who fell on the fake website, instead of logging into their accounts normally, delivered their sensitive data to the malicious agents, who invaded their accounts. and stole your funds.
Also according to the investigation, about $ 2.5 million was sent to Brazilian cryptocurrency brokers. "It is reported that some bitcoin exchange companies in Brazil have been identified as recipients of illegitimate transactions," reads the document.

Can brokers in Brazil be committing a crime?

The Federal Public Ministry stressed that only the deepening of the investigations can give the “exact dimension of the facts”, but did not rule out the possibility that Brazilian brokerage firms are violating Article 16 of Law No. 7,492 / 86.Coinext 760x150

"To operate, without due authorization, or with authorization obtained through a false declaration, a financial institution, including the distribution of securities or foreign exchange: Penalty – Imprisonment, from 1 (one) to 4 (four) years, and a fine." Art. 16 of Law No. 7,492 / 86

The documents were shared with Cointelegraph, which published the screenshot below.
Document of the Federal Public Ministry. Source: Cointelegraph.
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