Famous Peruvian soccer player was a spokesman for the OmegaPro Ponzi scheme


Jefferson Farfán, the popular “Foquita”, is one of the athletes related to the company OmegaPro, which has been accused of defrauding hundreds of people around the world.

Juan Carlos Reynoso, who led the company in Latin America, was arrested in Mexico for his involvement in the fraud network where many involved have damaged their reputation as Jefferson Farfán who was one of the several footballers who trusted OmegaProbeing its image and attending massive events organized by the company.

Fall for the OmegaPro Ponzi scheme.

The OmegaPro scam was denounced since mid-2022, and many comments pointed to the Peruvian as an alleged accomplice. Reynoso sold himself to the public as “entrepreneur, coach and consultant with more than 30 years of experience” and promoted the company as an opportunity to gain financial freedom through an alleged investment in cryptocurrencies.

Investigators claim that OmegaPro operated as a Ponzi scheme, where investors had to recruit other investors to recover their investment.

Reynoso behind the OmegaPro scam, charged and arrested in Mexico.

The scandal broke out in Mexico, where the authorities carried out an operation that included the seizure of the facilities of Black Wall Street Capital, OmegaPro’s parent company. During the search, they found drugs, weapons, and detained Reynoso for possible crimes against health, possession of firearms and cartridges for exclusive use, and operations with resources of illicit origin.

Investigation against OmegaPro, Jefferson Farfán in those mentioned.

Research has revealed that Reynoso was in charge of gaining the trust of several soccer players, including Farfán, who participated in various events organized by OmegaPro in Latin America. However, Farfán has not issued any type of comment in this regard. It is important to note that this is not the first time that Reynoso has been involved in a scandal related to scams and financial fraud.

To end.

Jefferson Farfán’s relationship with the company OmegaPro and his alleged involvement in the pyramid scheme network has generated a stir in the media and among his followers. This fact calls into question the social responsibility of athletes in choosing the companies with which they decide to associate and the need to be more critical of the products and services they promote.

In addition, this case highlights the need to regulate and control the companies that operate in the cryptocurrency market and to educate the population about the risks and benefits of this type of investment.

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