Family that sold everything for Bitcoin to travel account that they have separated wallets on four continents

Charlie Taylor

The ‘Bitcoin Family’ hardware cryptocurrency wallets are hidden in secret places on four continents, Dutchman Didi Taihuttu revealed in a recent interview with CNBC. Taihuttu, his wife and three daughters made headlines around the world in 2017 after selling everything they had to live as nomads. “I hid the physical wallets in several countries so I never had to fly too far if I needed to access my cold wallet,” explained Taihuttu, patriarch of 'The Bitcoin Family', as it became known worldwide. According to the report, Taihuttu revealed that he has two hideouts in Europe, another two in Asia, one in South America and a sixth in Australia. However, he said, it is not a “buried treasure”. He makes sure none of the family's cryptocurrency devices are underground or on some remote island. Taihuttu went far and ended up giving some clues. According to him, wallet caches can be in different places and in a variety of locations; from houses they rented from friends, in apartments they passed through and even in Self storage, which allow the tenant to self-storage. “I prefer to live in a decentralized world where I have the responsibility to protect my capital,” Taihuttu told CNBC.

Bitcoin hardware wallets

According to the report, Taihuttu did not reveal how much cryptocurrencies the family has, but stated that only 26% of everything is kept in hot wallets, that is, in online wallets, which can be accessed at any time, and which include bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin. Soon, the other 74% of the portfolio is spread across the world. While Taihuttu has said that it's easy to transfer assets into their cool wallets, having them on hand is another story, as it means traveling to the many hiding places and requires physically flying to their many hiding places. He concluded that he is trying to put a wallet  on each of the continents so that it is easier to access wherever he is.

Bitcoin family around the world

The Bitcoin Family's journey began when in 2017 they sold their company, house, cars and even children's toys for bitcoin to start the 'billionaires in 2020' dream. The family profited from bitcoin's skyrocketing rally in 2017, when the cryptocurrency went from $800 at the start of the year to $20,000 in December. The original goal was to sell bitcoins in 2020 and then reinvest when the price drops again. Until the middle of last year, Taihuttu and his family had traveled to around 40 countries, where they created projects financed by cryptocurrencies to help the poor, as well as their own brand of products. The Bitcoin Family documents their entire journey in Youtube videos.

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