Faithful to the sea: Swapped the business world for the dream of working at sea

Charlie Taylor

At the bridge in Rörsundsviken Kerstin II and Britta are moored and bouncing quietly in the spring sun. The boating season is approaching and now Annika Trogen is starting motorboat courses with the goal of getting more women behind the wheel. ”I am often asked by friends if I can teach them to drive a boat. Often girl friends, where the family has a boat but it is the guy who drives. Then I asked ‘why can not your husband teach you?’ And then the answer is that it will just be a hassle “, she says and continues:” We are well into the 21st century and there is still an inequality at sea, how is that possible? You see many more women driving a boat now than when I was young. But it is usually on the straight and not when it becomes cumbersome in a port. It is not uncommon to see a girl standing on the pier and not knowing what to do but waiting for someone else to come and fix the boat. ”The company Trogen Havet made its first season in the summer of 2021 and Annika Trogen then trained over 100 people . Mainly women but also men and young people. “My daughter reminded me that the course must be for men as well. And she was absolutely right. I targeted women, but my first season was 30 percent of the participants men, ”says Annika Trogen. In the course, participants learn practical maneuvering, navigation theory, seaworthiness and safety. According to Annika Trogen, many people fail to think about the safety aspect when they are out at sea. ”If it should happen the only person on board who knows anything, when you are a bit out, then it is very important that you can handle the situation. It can be a very vulnerable situation when the weather turns fast, something happens or things break “, says Annika Trogen when she releases Kerstin II from the bridge.Annika Trogen trains women to drive a motorboat. Photo: Jonas EngWhen we got out for a while she says with the wind in her hair that she has just been named New Entrepreneur of the Year in Nacka and that she is already almost fully booked for the summer. ” when you are so passionate about what you do ‘. I think that is one of the keys to this. That I love this and would love for others to experience it too. If you feel safe and have the knowledge, then it builds security and then it becomes fun. There are so many who step on board down here who most feel stressed when they are on the boat. I want everyone to have fun on the lake and be safe “, says Annika Trogen. With a degree from the School of Business, Annika Trogen worked for many years in the private business world. Among other things at the consulting giant McKinsey & Co, the training company EF and most recently as HR manager at the fund company East Capital. What have you brought with you from the business world to the True Sea?“It’s so cool how you can do something completely different and benefit so much from what I have worked with before. Among other things, to hold leadership training. I had not trained in driving a boat before, but the pedagogical ability and to convey something, that is what I have used in my profession before and have great benefit from now. ”But after being burned out in three different rounds, it was time for Annika Trogen to redirect. ”I was very committed and worked very hard, too hard. It was time for a change of life. I have known that I always feel better outdoors. When, for example, I had been out one day at sea or on a mountain hike, then I could feel physically when I went home that now I will be trapped again. I did not want to be in the office, I wanted to be outdoors. I love the sea and have always been at sea since I was little “, she says. Right now Annika Trogen is writing a book under the working name” Third time valid “. A book about fatigue syndrome and how she got out of the deepest slumps. “If you have worked in higher positions in the business world and especially in the financial industry, you are fairly well paid, so this is a completely different world. I got some help because I felt I had no choice, I did not feel good in that environment. Many have said that it was brave to let go of the safe environment and start your own. I think there are many who have it as an inherent dream but do not dare to take the step “, says Annika Trogen.The book Third time valid.The book The third time is valid. Photo: Jonas EngWith the book she wants help others who are burnt out or have been and are looking for a new way forward. “It requires a change of life and changed habits. I have come a long way, but I have to be careful and I wonder if I will not have to continue to do all my life. There is nothing negative. My life is much better today, even if I do not have as much time as I did before. I laugh more and am a much more present person today, both as a mother and a friend “, she says. The new workplace also gives her energy. ”At sea I can breathe. It is a freedom and a peace that does not exist in an office. When I have been out and worked one day on the lake then I am very tired, it bites a little in the cheeks and I sleep well. It’s not like sitting in front of a screen for days on end, ”she says. In her job as HR manager, Annika Trogen saw many who work hard in an ambition to perform and show what they stand for. When it is not boating season, she plans to work as a coach for high-performing people in the business world who risk going into the wall or have been there. Do you have any tips for those who are stuck and need a change?To not just follow your heart and jump on something wonderful. Do an analysis first if there is a business potential so that you do not jump into the crazy barrel completely. But above all, it is important to dare to break the old pattern of life and be brave. How wrong can it be? ”

Annika Trogen

Age: 52 years.Family: Two daughters.Bor: Rörsundsviken in Saltsjö-Boo, Stockholm.Background: Educated in economics, worked with marketing, sales and HR.Profession: Boat instructor with ship master’s degree class VIII, certificate for handling fast ships, driver’s license and skipper’s degree. Business: Trogen Havet – winner of the award New Entrepreneur of the Year in Nacka 2022. Mathilda Svensson

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