Facebook coin scam cheats even cryptocurrency portal

Charlie Taylor

It is not new that niche portals in the cryptocurrency market fall for scams, Atlas Quantum, Unick, disguised cloud mining pyramids and various other scams out there and even subject matter experts have already fallen for scams. This time, scammers are using Facebook Diem's ​​currency to deceive users.

Fooling a niche portal in the easy cryptocurrency market:

“Facebook started pre-sales of its cryptocurrency Diem (formerly Libra), offering discounts to the project's first investors. It is possible to purchase digital currency by paying in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH)”, said the publication that led to a fake link for Diem currency.

Diem's ​​official website is diem.com, the fake site was called “diem launch” in English. As Diem shifted its focus from a cryptocurrency with a basket of fiat coins to a payments system with an integrated blockchain and multiple paired currencies, it would make more sense to call the stablecoin currency a particular fiat currency. digital without advertising on official platforms, much less it gives discounts or does not advertise through an agency for the major news portals in Brazil. To date, Facebook does not accept cryptocurrencies, in fact, the social network bans most of the ads related to the market of digital assets. The fake site also gives hints that it is hit by spacing errors and reading problems, see the image below if you can clearly read the word “diem” in purple:

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fake dieWith billions of dollars, not hiring a good designer is the ultimate! Parts of the site were even without content.token sale fakesBasic grammatical errors also denounce most of the scams, it's easy to find capital letters after the comma on the Fake Diem website:

Tips for not falling into scam:

In order not to fall into such obvious scams, it is important to take some precautions, such as verifying the original address through reliable and original sites, look at the site carefully to verify that it has a design that matches the size of the project. common, but large companies have teams specialized in writing material, if you find a basic error right away, beware.Read too:

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