Expected for X80 in 2022, this coin will be a bigger breakout than Bitcoin, Doge or Cardano


Hundreds of new altcoins enter the market every year, but not all of them become rising stars. So what attributes set success stories apart from the competition?

One coin that analysts are backing as one of the most promising newcomers of 2022 is RBIS, the token behind the ArbiSmart project. While RBIS is currently priced at just under $2, analysts are projecting a huge jump in value of 8,000% in the next year, meaning huge capital gains for the investor who jumps on board early. for the price to skyrocket.

Let’s dive in to examine some of the reasons for the exceptionally sunny forecast.

Listings on Tier 1 exchanges

One of the main reasons for RBIS’s enthusiastic price projections is that it is gaining a larger and larger audience. Since the initial listing last quarter, RBIS has been building momentum. RBIS has already been added to big-name exchanges like Uniswap, and SushiSwap and more are being added all the time.

The larger the exchange, the larger the community that forms around it, the higher the trading volume, and the higher the liquidity levels. With each featured listing, RBIS increases its legitimacy and demonstrates its long-term viability. In turn, this makes it an attractive listing prospect for even more top-tier exchanges, exposing the token to a broader audience and improving global name recognition.

A rapid deployment of new public services

This quarter, ArbiSmart is changing at full speed, with a number of new RBIS utilities being introduced in quick succession.

ArbiSmart is kicking off its development push later this month with the introduction of an interest-earning wallet that supports crypto and FIAT. The wallet is designed to provide a safe home for the wallet holder’s capital while providing interest of up to 147% in RBIS and up to 49% in other supported currencies. This April, ArbiSmart also introduces a mobile version of the platform that allows the user to store, exchange or buy cryptocurrencies and deposit or withdraw them with ease.

These new developments will be followed next month with the launch of Smart Yield Farm, ArbiSmart’s decentralized yield farming program. In exchange for staking funds and providing liquidity, participants will receive 0.3% commission on each trade and annual percentage yields of up to 190,000%.

Additionally, in Q2, right after the launch of the Smart Yield Farm in May, ArbiSmart will introduce a collection of unique digital items and an NFT marketplace, where collectors, creators, and investors can buy and sell non-fungible token items.

A finger on the pulse of the market

A look at the ArbiSmart roadmap indicates that the development team is up to date with the latest market trends and is incorporating the latest blockchain innovations into its ecosystem. The project is always keeping an eye on where it is headed next and this can be seen in the major developments in the pipeline for the second half of 2022.

To kick things off, next quarter, ArbiSmart will introduce a play-to-win metaverse where participants can play and purchase in-game items. RBIS holders will also be able to create and explore new virtual spaces, where it will be possible to buy land and then build on it and/or sell it.

This will be followed by the launch of a cryptocurrency exchange, as well as a suite of crypto banking utilities, including IBANs, debit cards, and payment services. The package is already under development and ArbiSmart has already obtained an updated EU authorization for all to provide virtual currency banking services throughout Europe.

An integrated financial ecosystem

The RBIS token economy is designed to incentivize the use of multiple public services within the ecosystem, increasing liquidity and driving demand for tokens.

The hub is fully interconnected, so for example, NFTs available on the market can be used as in-game items in the metaverse, and having one of the ArbiSmart NFTs will be rewarded with higher APY from Smart Yield Farm.

With the introduction of each new RBIS utility and with each new listing on the stock exchange, the demand for tokens will grow. Consequently, the limited supply of tokens, forever limited to 450 million RBIS, will decrease, and once demand exceeds supply, the price will increase.

All new developments set for 2022 are poised to make RBIS skyrocket. To buy cheap before the price explodes, buy RBIS now.

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