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Published: March 8, 2022, 9:00 AM Updated: March 15, 2022, 9:12 AMÅsa Frostfeldt, introduction leader and Lars Lööw, director general at the Swedish Public Employment Service received the Swedish Gender Equality Award 2022. For four years, the Swedish Public Employment Service has conducted strategic development work on increased detection of violence and trained employees, managers, suppliers and jobseekers. highlight a difficult topic. But this is just the beginning, says Lars Lööw, chief executive officer. The government assignment has focused on violence in close relationships, honor-related violence and oppression, sexual violence regardless of the relationship between the perpetrator and the victim, and on particularly vulnerable groups. The authorities have worked with both exposure to violence and violence. Do you live with violence in a close relationship? Here you can get protection and support – What is unique about this assignment is that virtually the entire Swedish Public Employment Service has been involved. Our legal department has, for example, focused on what it means when a jobseeker has a threat against him. What can be a suitable job, and how do we handle protected personal data, says Åsa Frostfeldt, implementation manager of the Swedish Public Employment Service. She emphasizes that their focus will always be on giving jobseekers the right support to be able to get a job, and a prerequisite for success. it is to see the whole picture. For example, violence can be a hidden cause of unemployment. To increase knowledge about this, thousands of employees have developed skills both at the Swedish Public Employment Service and at the suppliers who have contact with jobseekers. – The training we have developed for our employees emphasizes the importance of asking the question of violence and the ability to handle the answer. If the threat picture is in a certain city, it may not be appropriate to look for a job right there. We know that the training and the new routines have had an effect. Job-seeking women have sought and received help after being asked about violence by staff, says Åsa Frostfeldt. Another effect of the training initiative has been that several employees have told their managers that they have experience of violence in close relationships. – The HR department has raised the issue of violence in the health interviews and produced support material for the managers. An APT material has also been produced that is intended to be a support for raising the issue of detecting violence in employees’ close relationships, says Åsa Frostfeldt. Employer? How to handle violence in close relationships The Swedish Public Employment Service’s work to highlight violence in close relationships in the business has not gone unnoticed. At the beginning of the year, the authority was awarded the Swedish Gender Equality Prize. Lars Lööw, CEO, wants to take the opportunity to highlight the employees who have been involved in the assignment. – We are both proud and honored to have won the Swedish Gender Equality Award. The fact that a large authority works strategically both internally and externally against violence in close relationships can have major societal effects. Above all, we hope that our work inspires more businesses to raise the issue, he says. About ArbetsförmedlingenThe Swedish Public Employment Service’s task is to bring employers together with jobseekers in an efficient way. Today, the authority has about 10,000 employees. The Swedish Gender Equality Prize is a national award that is presented each year to an actor who actively works for a more equal society. The purpose of the award is to draw attention to, reward and praise good efforts and examples.

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