Everything You Need To Know About Buying Bitcoin: Bitcoin Price Today In UAE

In the current technology climate, digital currencies are the rage. Because of all the advancements now being achieved, the advent of digital currencies has opened up a new path for individuals to chase their success. We’ve put up a straightforward tutorial on how to purchase Bitcoin in the United Arab Emirates if you’re new to the concept and are interested in making an investment.

Introduction To Bitcoin (BTC)

Virtual currencies include cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. There are no actual, tangible bitcoins; this is not actual, tangible currency. Many traders have benefited by trading bitcoins using trading bots like stellar profit that operate on smarter algorithms. The technology that underpins Bitcoin is known as Blockchain, which is best characterised as a highly secured blockchain that keeps track of all transactions. Bitcoin holdings are publicly visible on public ledgers. Each bitcoin transaction requires a large number of computer resources to be verified.


Since Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper on cryptocurrencies was published in 2008, the cryptocurrency market has been buzzing with activity. Highly advanced machines that can handle extremely challenging computational arithmetic problems are what create bitcoins. Performing mining is what we call this action. Since there are no banking institutions, transactions are validated by miners who can earn bitcoins for approving a set number of transactions. Even though there are now several cryptocurrencies, many still view Bitcoin as the first.


A virtual wallet is a software-based programme, commonly known as an e-wallet or a bitcoin wallet. Your transaction and purchasing information for Bitcoin is securely stored, and it generates highly strong passwords. You may transact anywhere in the globe in the UAE by using digital wallets. Digital wallets may be used with mobile payment systems, which let customers pay for things using their smartphones. It can also be utilized to store information from loyalty cards and digital coupons.

How To Buy Bitcoin In Dubai

There Is A Large Market For Bitcoin in the Middle East, especially in Dubai. Exchanges are businesses where buyers may buy bitcoins. You may find a number of Bitcoin exchanges if you reside in Dubai.


Purchasing bitcoins using BitOASIS

You may buy, trade, and store bitcoins with BitOasis, a wallet and exchange service based in the UAE. In UAE, it is regarded as the finest method of purchasing Bitcoin. According to BitOasis, its wallets are secured via multi-signature authentication, making it a secure location to keep bitcoins.


At any moment, you may check BitOasis’ website to see the value of one BTC. However, in order to purchase Bitcoins from BitOasis, a coupon is first necessary. To achieve this, you must register for a new BitOasis account.

Step 1: Create an account

You may complete the fundamental steps to open a BitOasis account by following them and giving them any information required. As soon as the signup process is complete, you should proceed to access your account.

While you are signing in, BitOasis will drop an email requesting you to validate your login details. Activate 2-step verification and choose a secure password. Consider it as a bank account as you’ll be making investments there. You’ll see a window with the title Wallet Dashboard after logging in.


Be careful to enter your bank information into BitOasis before beginning the payment transfer process. Your desired bank will need to be authorised by BitOasis. This is done to ensure that certain bank criteria are followed. Once it has been accepted, your bank account will be displayed under the Settings tab.

Step 2: Choose an amount

Click on the Buy Bitcoin option and adhere to the guidelines to buy bitcoin in UAE.

You must provide your User ID in the box for the bank reference number in addition to the price of your voucher and the transfer method. The funds must originate from a bank account in the UAE that is in your name. You will then be sent to a page where you may credit your wallet so that you can purchase vouchers.

Step 3: Transfer Bank Funds

You now need to sign in to your online banking account and do the required money transactions. It’s crucial to keep in mind that the amount sent and the amount moved must correspond.

Keep in mind the following are the same by double-checking the money transfer’s specifics:

  • Details about your BitOasis account.
  • Your BitOasis’s bank information.
  • The same amount must be sent via BitOasis and a bank account.
  • You should also include your BitOasis User ID in the bank account’s reference number section.


Following your transfer confirmation, BitOasis will show that the order is being processed. Your orders will then show up in the table of pending orders, and you’ll receive an email about the impending payment transfer.

If you performed the right procedure, the funds should be transferred from your bank account to BitOasis by the next day.24 hours. You will also get an email after the money has been transferred.

Finally, following the transfer, your voucher amount will show up under your wallet.

Step 4: Purchase Bitcoin

Once you have your voucher details, you may use that money to purchase bitcoins. You merely need to click the “Buy Bitcoin” option that will display on the menu’s left side.

It will roughly take around 10 to 15 minutes once you clicked on the link for bitcoins to appear in your account. As you can see, buying Bitcoin in the United Arab Emirates is not an impossible thing. On June 30, 2022, the current price of Bitcoin in the UAE is 71,306.69 AED.

Are Cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin Licenced In UAE?

The Financial Services Regulatory Authority, the Dubai Financial Services Agency, and the Securities and Commodities Authority are in charge of regulating cryptocurrencies in the United Arab Emirates. The trade of digital currency is regulated by SCA/FRSA. The UAE’s Central Bank views cryptocurrency trading as very dangerous, which is why all participants in the transaction are required to adhere strictly to the country’s laws against money laundering and countering terrorism financing.


The UAE currently lacks a uniform regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies, making it illegal to trade digital assets like Bitcoin. Following the Central Bank of the UAE’s most recent announcement that virtual assets are not now recognized or considered as legal cash in the UAE, the UAE dirham continues to be the only authorized currency in this nation.

Cryptocurrency exchanges like BitOasis have been granted a licence to operate in the worldwide cryptocurrency industry, despite the fact that the legitimacy of bitcoin exchanges is still up for debate. Currently, people of the UAE are permitted to purchase, trade, and retain cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin as investments, but they are unable to use them to pay for tangible things.


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