Energy crisis during the election campaign – the prime minister: “Very intense”


Crime and energy in prime ministerial duel

They were held accountable for the gang crime by the mother of twelve-year-old Adriana, who was shot dead in Botkyrka. But there was also a sharp energy debate in the duel between the prime ministerial candidates Magdalena Andersson and Ulf Kristersson. “Putin is trying to divide us, we should not fall into that trap,” says Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson (S).Published: September 7, 2022, 10:33 PM Ulf Kristersson (M) does not want to buy the explanation about Putin’s prices. “It is the people of Ukraine who pay for Putin. To say that Putin is behind the high electricity prices is to risk an untruth,” he says.It is the government that bears the responsibility for the unstable energy situation in southern Sweden due to shutting down nuclear power, he emphasizes. Andersson objects that there is a big political game going on with energy as an investment throughout Europe. It is not only Sweden that has problems with the high prices.” Putin is trying to blackmail Europe. Now they are threatening not to deliver gas at all, that is the background to the enormous unrest in Europe and it is also spreading to Sweden because we have a common electricity market.” Also present at the debate is Susanne Yakes, mother of twelve-year-old Adriana, who was shot accidentally killed in August 2020 in what is believed to be a gang feud.How do you think it feels to lose a child because of your failure to stop these types of criminals? she asks. Ulf Kristersson begins by saying that he “understands that words don’t help”. He then brings up a couple of the Moderates’ previously known proposals to combat gang crime, including “Danish punishment”. “Lock up gang criminals for a really long time, if they are Swedish citizens. Or deport them if they are not Swedish citizens.”He also mentions anonymous witnesses as a tool that needs to be introduced in Sweden. Andersson addresses a couple of S’s well-known proposals in the area, including making it illegal to recruit young people into gangs, toughen the punishment and increase funding for schools.”I completely share Ulf Kristersson’s perception that we need to do much more to put the gang criminals behind bars.” But that’s only half the solution, she says. “For every kroner we invest in more police officers, we must spend at least one kroner on breaking new recruitment and segregation so that we can also achieve this in the long term.” However, the duel began with an audience question about the high food prices and what the two candidates are prepared to do for, for example, single parents.”We can’t promise everything to others but to those who have it most difficult, especially families with children. That is my clear message, during the pandemic we supported Swedish companies and households, I will act in exactly the same way if I receive renewed trust”, says Magdalena Andersson. Ulf Kristersson emphasized that no serious government can save all households from inflation and recession. “But politics must not add to the burden and make it worse, and the government has done that with tax increases and by destroying Swedish energy policy,” says Kristersson. The one and a half hour long the debate was dense and intense with about ten topics, everything from food prices, the energy crisis, unemployment to segregation, crime, school, the climate and the government issue.

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