Elon Musk establishes X.AI, an artificial intelligence startup


Elon Musk, the famous CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has established a new company called X.AI to develop artificial intelligence (AI), according to a recent presentation. The company is headed by Musk and Jared Birchall and has been established in Nevada with seed capital of $100,000.

Musk’s involvement in the artificial intelligence industry.

Musk has had a long history in the AI ​​industry, having founded OpenAI in 2015, the company behind ChatGPT. Although he left the company in 2018, Musk has continued to be involved in AI and, according to recent reports, it has hired Igor Babuschkin from Google’s Deepmind AI division to develop an alternative to ChatGPT.

The letter “X” has been used in several of Musk’s business ventures, and appears to be part of his plan to create an “everything app” called X, which will combine social media and payment tools.

Twitter Inc. was recently renamed X Corp., and that company is in turn owned by another company called X Holding Corp. The decisions appear to be part of Musk’s plans to combine his business efforts under one brand. .

However, the X.AI presentation does not provide details on the company’s plans or if it will focus solely on AI. Despite this, Musk has been one of the signatories to a letter urging temporary restrictions on AI training to prevent unknown risks and ensure a safer future.

What can you expect from Musk with X.AI?

Musk’s possible foray into AI is unrelated to cryptocurrency, although the businessman has been one of Bitcoin’s biggest proponents. In March, Musk suggested that he was more interested in AI than cryptocurrency, although it is not known if this statement was in jest.

So far, Musk hasn’t made any public comments about the new company, but his track record in the AI ​​field and his track record as an entrepreneur suggest that X.AI could be a big bet for the future of artificial intelligence.

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