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Sustainability in focus when Aros electronics moves forward

Published: April 25, 2023, 10:00 a.m. Updated: April 27, 2023, 1:47 p.m.A permanent magnet motor with associated electronics and Thomas Rundberg, CEO at Aros electronics. The Swedish company Aros electronics develops and produces customized industrial electronics. – Both the products we develop and the way the work is carried out have sustainability in focus, says Thomas Rundberg, CEO at Aros electronics. The electrification of society is in full swing. It is a crucial part of the transition towards a more sustainable world where both energy consumption and emissions of carbon dioxide must be reduced. Aros electronics in Mölndal develops and produces customized electronic solutions for customer-unique applications in the industrial and automotive industries. The company’s main products often contain self-developed permanent magnet motors. It is the electric motor that, in relation to its weight, is the most energy efficient on the market today. It therefore requires less electricity consumption with less losses to perform the same work as other types of electric motors. – We supply these motors to electric vehicles, among other things. In that way, we contribute a lot to the green transformation of society, says Thomas Rundberg.Aros electronics is at the technological forefrontThere are around 300 employees within the operations in Sweden. 75 of them are engineers working in the development department. As part of the investment going forward, more engineers are now to be hired and, in addition, doctoral positions are to be established. They also have several trainee positions to train new engineers. – We are very research-heavy and invest a large part of our turnover in research and development. We work at the absolute forefront of development in several areas, explains Thomas Rundberg. One such example is the efficient control and regulation systems for the permanent magnet motors. Here you are a world leader. The experience in power electronics has been a common thread through the business since 1970. This is the basis for a number of self-developed innovations and patents. – Our focus on developing application-unique solutions means that we can minimize the need for raw materials and economize on energy consumption, he says.Logistics also sustainability at Aros electronicsBut sustainability is not only about technical achievements but also about logistics. Aros electronics’ ability to use its global production units makes it possible to place manufacturing close to its customers. An example is the facilities in China that mainly deliver products to the Chinese market. – In this way, we reduce transport, both of raw materials and finished products. This is an important part of reducing our environmental impact, says Thomas Rundberg. Increased sustainability permeates the entire operation in these ways. Succeeding in increasing the efficiency of an electric motor even just a little bit can give a big result overall. And constantly reducing lead times in production and further short transport distances also contribute. – We believe that the focus on sustainability is a key to success for our continued development of Aros electronics, concludes Thomas RundbergRead more at: www.aros.se The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Aros electronics and not an article by Dagens industri

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