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Avoid the pension gap – so you can have more secure pension savings

Published: 9 January 2023, 11:38 Updated: 1 February 2023, 11:31Fredrik Nyberg is advisory manager at Folksam. Through traditional management – where Folksam’s management manages the money for you – you can have a more secure pension saving without having to invest a lot of time or your own activity. – In general, it is difficult to achieve the balance between relatively high returns and low risk in other ways than with traditional management, says Fredrik Nyberg, advisory manager at Folksam.Book investment therapy – personal advice for you and your capital For those who are in the know and have a lot of time, today there are great opportunities to tailor their pension portfolio according to their own needs, opinions and skills. – But if you don’t want or can put in a lot of time or want to “guard” your investments yourself, it can be good to have an autopilot in the form of experienced managers who manage the portfolio for you and balance between shares, interest and property investments, says Fredrik Nyberg, who is head of advisory at Folksam. The benefit is that you can then get a relatively high return, 6.5 percent on average over the past five years, and at the same time at a significantly lower risk than if the money had been directly invested in shares. – In general, it is difficult to achieve that balance in other ways than with traditional management, he says.

Decide for yourself who will receive the money

Folksam’s traditional management can be used in both endowment insurance and occupational pensions and by both private individuals and companies. Whoever chooses endowment insurance can choose the beneficiary himself, that is, you can decide who gets the money if you pass away. It can be valuable today when family constellations often look different compared to the past. – Special family, cohabitation, bonus children and special litter children are becoming more common. It’s not just mother, father, child that applies anymore. With endowment insurance, you can choose your beneficiary, otherwise you have to do it with a will. The money is already taxed and paid out automatically. This can avoid the risk of disagreements between your children. As a parent, it can be worth quite a lot. Another advantage Fredrik Nyberg highlights with traditional management is that – when needed – you can get free help from advisers. – The customer’s life and needs are in focus in every meeting to give the customer added value . During a consultation, you get help to get a handle on your finances, you get a fairly clear picture of how much you will get in retirement, and you get advice on how to reach the pension or life situation you want, if that’s the case about travel, hobbies or helping children and grandchildren.

Counseling facilitates

An important area where advice can help is the pension gap between men and women, underlines Fredrik Nyberg. – The statistics show that women are lagging behind. If you are at home a lot with the children during the first years, you can get a lower pension later in life. It is a family issue where the solution looks different for different families and here counseling can help. It’s not about saving SEK 10,000 a month, even smaller sums can go a long way. When one person talks to another person, it’s also easier to pick up on needs that you might not even know you had, notes Fredrik Nyberg. A group that can get help through counseling are older people who will need their money more in the near future but are unknowingly at high risk or using services that no longer fit their life situation. – It is a fantastic job to be a counselor and come to work every day and be able to change people’s lives by ensuring that they start saving, consolidate their savings, or risk-adjust their investments.Keen to move your individual occupational pension? Read more here.The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Folksam and not an article by Dagens industri

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