eBay could start accepting cryptocurrencies in March


eBay (NASDAQ: EBAY) is considering accepting cryptocurrencies as a means of payment starting in March 2022. The company recently started working with NFTs on its platform.

It is worth remembering that eBay is an important platform for buying and selling over the Internet, being a service that is accessed by thousands of people around the world. In 2019, a rumor in the market that the company would accept Bitcoin caused a 10% increase in the price of the digital currency, which the company eventually denied.

In 2021, eBay itself began to consider accepting cryptocurrencies as a means of payment, indicating a change in attitude and began accepting NFTs on its platform.

eBay plans to accept cryptocurrencies as payment to attract young consumers

In conversation with The Street, eBay CEO Jamie Iannone made it clear that on March 10, 2022, the company will make a new announcement to its investors.

And on that date the entry of another publicly traded company into the cryptocurrency market may finally be revealed, with eBay being able to accept cryptocurrency as a means of payment.

As there has yet to be an official announcement of the move, it is unclear whether only Bitcoin will be accepted or whether the company will accept multiple currencies, which it hopes to attract more young consumers to its platform.

Jamie stated that the platform already manages $85 billion, which provides the opportunity to accept new forms of payment. He recalled in the interview that eBay already supports Google Pay and Apple Pay, as well as a solution called AfterPay in Australia, which are already common among young people.

Even so, he said that his company does not yet accept cryptocurrencies, but everything indicates that this is about to change and could be as soon as the 10th.

eBay will be a trading platform for physical and digital items

Without confirming directly, but leaving aside the possibility of including cryptocurrencies as a means of payment, Jamie said that eBay intends to be a reference in the commerce of physical and digital goods in the future.

He also clarified that he thinks of sustainability as a pillar of the business and that currently the tennis market in this company is one of the most sought after by customers.

Thus, although it is not entirely clear if eBay will position itself as a company to accept cryptocurrencies on March 10 and how it could do so, it is clear that there is an ongoing study to make this operation possible.

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