Do you want to earn money with free mining? Libertex makes it possible!


But how is it possible to earn money mining cryptocurrencies for free? Today we will be talking about a platform that has been characterized by staying at the forefront of trading in the financial markets since 1997. If you are interested, stay until the end and find out how you can take advantage of this methodology to earn profits every 4 hours with free cryptocurrency mining!

What is Libertyx?

Libertex is a market maker running on a proprietary mobile or browser based trading portal; on its platform it offers trading with Cryptocurrencies, Forex, Commodities, Stocks, ETFs, CFDs, Indices and more with leverage of up to 1:50 for retail account holders and up to 1:600 ​​available for professionals.

Free Cryptocurrency mining!

This program allows you to earn constant profits for free through cryptocurrency mining every 4 hours, this is possible since The Libertex platform rewards its users for their time on the interface and allows these funds to be used as an available balance to execute operations in the cryptocurrency market.

If you receive profits on your investments, you can make a withdrawal to external wallets outside of Libertex.

Steps to start generating free money!

Download the Libertex App and create an account in a few minutes.
Activate the Libertex cryptominer and receive free cryptocurrencies every 4 hours.
Use the mined cryptocurrencies to trade and take advantage of market opportunities to generate profits.

How does Liberty work?

Said cryptominer works from the team of Libertex so it is not necessary to use computational power to execute it. This means that you will not use any hardware resources such as your battery, graphics card, etc., and you will only be able to manage and access your transactions through the Libertex cryptocurrency mining application.

This money generated every 4 hours must reach a minimum of 10 USD in Bitcoin to be extracted. and it will be credited to your account in the form of a trading bonus in your account within 72 hours, so that you can use it to trade the crypto market and produce results with your skills.

It’s your chance to consistently produce profits!


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