Do you know which is the safest Bitcoin wallet in the world?


With the aim of democratizing access to cryptocurrencies and providing a security service with high quality standards, Material Bitcoin has created the most secure physical Bitcoin wallet in the world, indestructible and impossible to hack. If you want to know how this wallet works and how you could acquire it, stay until the end!

What is MaterialBitcoin?

Material Bitcoin is a physical Bitcoin wallet in the form of a card or steel platethis company is based in La Coruña, Spain and offers lifetime Bitcoin storage services and offers a 100-year guarantee.

This board allows you to store your Bitcoins safely in a cold wallet away from any does not need applications or external electronic circuits to work correctly, this means that you do not depend on anything to use your wallet, even if the manufacturer disappeared, your board would still be 100% functional.

This allows you to manage your funds securely but gives you full responsibility for the preservation of your card and private key.

How many versions exist? (Plates)

There are 3 different types of plates that are differentiated by the level of customization and simplicity so as not to give clues in case of possible loss.

Standard Version: With a price of €89, it is the basic wallet with a 100-year guarantee.
Camouflage version: With a price of €101, this version does not have a Bitcoin logo to avoid giving clues to strangers and has the name and URL camouflaged for greater security. (100 year guarantee)
Custom Version: Priced at €199, this version has a personalized name (your real name or that of your company, an alias, etc). It is an exclusive and unique wallet in the world. (100 year guarantee)


Why is Material Bitcoin so secure?

Each wallet has a private key that is securely generated on a Linux system isolated from any network; This key is automatically generated by a world class open source key generation engine and then etched by fiber optic laser into the steel plate instantly and Material Bitcoin system memory is completely cleared.

Private Key / Private Key

Then a metallic sticker is applied to the plate to be stored and sealed in an airtight aluminum envelope using an automatic industrial machine to later be packed in a sealed box and then sent to the customer.

This process is carried out inside a surveillance room with restricted access that allows no information to remain in the company. Private keys will only be known by clients.

Do you need help choosing your MATERIAL BITCOIN plate?

Contact Material Bitcoin for support in choosing the ideal wallet for you!

Send a WhatsApp to +34 691 147 068.

E-mail: [email protected]


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