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Haglöfs Restored – second hand gear for first hand adventures

Published: July 4, 2022, 7:00 AM Updated: July 8, 2022, 3:53 p.m.Used clothes are restored and become as functional and fine as new, while at the same time reducing waste, emissions and resource use. Now Haglöfs Restored makes it easier for us to reduce our footprint. For over a hundred years, Haglöfs has manufactured products that inspire people to experience nature. To contribute to nature being preserved and can be experienced for many generations to come lies in the company’s DNA. As part of the sustainability work, the brand has created Haglöfs Restored, a collection of used clothes that are as functional as newly produced products, but which have a lot of extra benefits for the environment. – To make clothes, resources such as energy, water and raw materials are required. Every time we can extend the life of a product through product care, repair or reuse, we make better use of those resources. And above all, we avoid using additional resources by producing new products, says Fredrik Ohlsson, CEO of Haglöfs.Great interest in shopping second-handClothes come to Haglöfs Restored due to production errors, guarantees and returns, or because the consumer is simply tired of their garment. Regardless of origin, all products go through a rigorous cleaning, repair and impregnation process that ensures that they meet Haglöfs’ quality standards. By restoring old products that no one wants anymore, Haglöfs contributes to less waste, emissions and water use in the production process, while still keeping high-quality materials away from the landfill. And the interest in shopping second-hand is great. – In the work of developing Haglöfs Restored, we did consumer studies that showed a great desire to buy second-hand, which you know holds the measure. That so many want to make an active choice to reduce the environmental footprint by buying used is very gratifying, says Fredrik Ohlsson.read more here From wear and tear to circularFor Haglöfs, sustainability work starts already in the company’s design philosophy. By creating timeless clothes of high quality, the conditions increase that they can live a long time. With the Haglöfs Restored concept, we have now also created a way to further extend the life of the products. – For us, it is both about ensuring that products are used as long as possible, and about exploring new business models that mean we do not always have to produce new products to continue to grow as a company. Haglöfs Restored is part of a process that aims to change how we shop; to take us from a linear model with a wear-and-tear philosophy to a circular and more resource-restrained buying behavior, says Fredrik Ohlsson.Read more at: www.haglofsrestored.comAbout Haglöfs
The Swedish outdoor brand Haglöfs was founded in 1914 by Wiktor Haglöf. They design and develop clothes, shoes, backpacks and sleeping bags in Stockholm and are active in Europe and parts of Asia. www.haglofs.comThe article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Haglöfs and not an article by Dagens industri

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