Did the World Cup come to cryptocurrencies? The most original and pioneering crypto event in the world kicks off in Argentina


Buenos Aires, October 2022. In the run-up to the World Cup, Argentina is preparing to receive LABITCONF, the oldest conference on Bitcoin and Blockchain in the world and the most important in Latin America. It will take place on November 11 and 12 at the Costa Salguero Center, in the City of Buenos Aires, and will have special activities on November 10 and 13. All information available at www.labitconf.com

This year will be a very special celebration since this annual and itinerant event celebrates its 10th edition and, for this, it chose the World Cup theme with activities, spaces and content in tune with a country passionate about soccer and with one of the most crypto ecosystems. planet assets.

This conference will bring together more than 130 international leaders on 4 stages, with more than 50 talks, hackathons, workshops, arts, games -and they say even a play-, designed for a wide profile of attendees such as entrepreneurs, students, professionals , programmers and entrepreneurs, who seek to incorporate these new technologies into their daily processes.

Among the pre-confirmed presences are Vitalik Buterinthe founder of Ethereum, and probably the most relevant person in the ecosystem today, elizabeth stark, the founder of the Lightning network, the most important advance on Bitcoin, and Samsom Mow who helped El Salvador immerse itself in Bitcoin, among many other references.

“LABITCONF is the most anticipated event by the Latin American crypto community for being the most international and for its special vibe that combines technology and knowledge with entertainment and local culture, sowing an environment to build lasting human and commercial ties.”

“This 10th anniversary we returned to Argentina because it is the country where we were born and because it is the mecca of crypto development in Latin America. We chose the soccer theme because of its proximity to the World Cup and because it is “the 10”, because “Bitcoin is passion” and because we are an entire community playing as a team to improve the world through technology that provides efficiency, ownership and transparency” commented Rodolfo Andragnes, head of LABITCONF.

Rodolfo Andragnes, head of LABITCONF.

Returning to the tournament, this September 9 will be the kickoff at the Costa Salguero Courts, where 16 teams will compete for the “LABITCONF by crypto.com Cup” with an impressive trophy created for the occasion and more than 5 thousand dollars in prizes.

The rest of the conference will also be in Costa Salguero, CABA, on November 11 and 12 in 4 pavilions and will feature different types of activities for different audiences and interests:

A main stage for the most relevant talks and a smaller stage for 16 introductory talks that will address different aspects of this technology. A workshop room to learn the use of specific tools. More than 60 companies in the sector will exhibit their products and services in the area exhibition, which will have a stage where new entrepreneurs can present their projects. Free access networking areas and other VIP areas for business access. NFT’s Art, Gaming and Metaverse areas, where the winners of the Award will also be exhibited B•ARTE, a contest that awards Bitcoin to those who best express “The Blockchain revolution” from art. There will also be a recreation area and games associated with football, musical shows and plays. A few weeks before the start of the event, a Hackathon will start, a competition for programmers that will reward the spontaneous creation of blockchain-based projects. At the end of LABITCONF, the experience continues in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. There will be a Crypto Tour through Patagonia that will include a micro-conference in San Martín de los Andes on November 15.

Each edition of LABITCONF seeks to have a positive impact on the host country. With the proceeds from the auction of surfboards intervened by artists, in the 2021 edition held in El Salvador, it was possible to transform the waiting room of the Benjamin Bloom Hospital in the capital.

Ticket prices will have a special rate for residents of Argentina ranging from $4,500 to $8,000 pesos for general public access.

“We hope that this mega event can be enjoyed by everyone coming both days to breathe innovation and passion, connecting with the various players in the regional and global industry,” said Andragnes.

“We are also working to ensure that all attendees can participate by 4 VIP trips all paid with tickets to the World Cup in Qatar, We can’t formalize it yet but if that’s not a luxury closure for an event with a World Cup vibe, then what? Andragnes wondered before finishing. For more information, agenda and ticket purchase visit www.labitconf.com.

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