Did Queen Elizabeth II have Bitcoin (BTC) at the time of her death?


Last September 8 death of Queen Elizabeth II announcedat 96 years of age, being the monarch who has been in power for the longest time in the history of the United Kingdom since 1952. Today we will be remembering the times that Isabel II expressed some type of interest in blockchain and Bitcoin.

A little about Queen Elizabeth II

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor was an important political figure who lived through some of the most relevant events of the last century, such as the Second World War, the arrival of the first human to the place and a powerful transition in recent years led by the emergence of the Internet and of new technologies.

The relationship of blockchain Y Bitcoin with Queen Elizabeth II it was not so important but despite his advanced age he was able to show some curiosity and interest in this technology.

Queen Elizabeth II and the British Blockchain Association.

A Financial Times report published on November 24, 2020, shows that Queen Elizabeth II was interested in a blockchain research journal sent to Buckingham Palace by Dr. Naseem Naqvipresident of the British Blockchain Association (BBA), an organization that writes about blockchain and collaborates with the UN, IBM, Microsoft, among others.

At the kindness of Dr. Naseem, Isabel II sent a letter of thanks in which she expressed her interest in familiarizing herself with the research journalbeing the first blockchain research journal available both online and in print.

Letter from Queen Elizabeth II to Dr. Naseem Naqvi

Following this, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao is said to have opened a discussion on Twitter about the amount of Bitcoins that the Queen could have at the time and generated a wave of joking comments from the crypto community.

Speech made on May 11, 2022.

At Queen Elizabeth’s annual address to residents of the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth II spoke before the English Parliament hand in hand with her son, Prince Charles to contemplate regulatory objectives for cryptocurrencies in the current year 2022 and develop more comprehensive parameters on the crypto and blockchain sector.

Prince Charles (at the time) read the following:

“A bill will be introduced to further strengthen powers to tackle illicit finance, reduce crime of an economic nature and help businesses grow. Measures will be introduced to support the security services and help them protect the UK.”

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