Di reveals: The family reports former members of the powerful arts board to the police


For a little over month ago, Di told that three members left the board of Stiftelsen Hilma af Klint’s works after an infected conflict. The foundation manages the artist’s legacy, whose value is estimated to be several billions considering her great success with exhibitions at, among others, the Guggenheim in New York and now at the Tate Modern in London. Those who resigned from the board were the former CEO of Nordstjernan Tomas Billing, who today runs the investment company Röko, Kurt Almqvist, CEO of the Axel and Margaret Ax:son Johnson foundation for public benefit purposes and Kjell A. Nordström, PhD in economics and author and member of the Johnson Foundation. The conflict in the board reached its climax in connection with the publication of digital NFT artworks made over by the Klintsviten “Paintings till the temple” from 1906-1915. Ulrika af Klint, who chaired the foundation, did not consider that the publication was anchored in the board. Kurt Almqvist claims the opposite at the same time. The book publisher Stolpe, which is part of Axel and Margaret Ax:son Johnson’s foundation for public benefit purposes, has been the initiator of the NFTs. They were realized in collaboration with Acute Art, which the former director of the Moderna museum Daniel Birnbaum is based over, and the artist Pharrell Williams’ company GODA, Gallery of Digital Assets. READ MORE: Di reveals: Business profiles leave heavy arts board after NFT row The row is only the tip of an iceberg, Di’s interviews with the involved parties show. There is a power struggle surrounding the suspended artist, which, among other things, deals with the interpretation of the Klint foundation’s statutes. Now Erik has af Klint, who is the head of the family and new chairman of the Hilma af Klint foundation, chose to report five former members of the foundation to the police. You can reveal that. These are the three members who resigned (Tomas Billing, Kurt Almqvist and Kjell A. Nordström), as well as the former member Daniel Birnbaum and the artist Ulf Wagner, who sit on the board to this day. “The Swedish cultural elite together with the business world have step by step taken over and enriched themselves at Hilma’s expense,” says Erik af Klint, chairman of the foundation. Erik af Klint believes that the members did not act in the best interests of the foundation when they sat as members. “We think this is about faithlessness towards the principal during the period 2019-2023,” says Erik af Klint. “The NFT incident is an example where there is a lack of board decisions. It happened without the chairman’s knowledge. They have gradually and deliberately transferred the foundation’s assets to Stolpe book publishing, which is part of the Johnson sphere,” continues Erik af Klint. READ MORE: af the Klint dispute escalates – will appeal new board decisionTomas Billing says not be surprised that Erik af Klint is taking legal action. “I haven’t seen any police report so I can’t comment on that. But there is no reason why we should have been faithless,” he says. Parallel to this dispute, a legal process is also ongoing regarding who has the right to sit on the foundation’s board. The af Klint family has recently appealed the county board’s decision which gave three anthroposophists the right to sit on the foundation’s board. But the elected anthroposophists also drive those processes against the Klint family. “I think that Erik af Klint is stressed about all the processes in different courts,” says Tomas Billing. Kurt Almqvist wants nor comment on the police report, as he has not seen it himself. “This is about a diversionary maneuver to remove the light from the ongoing legal proceedings that will determine which is the right board,” says Kurt Almqvist.

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